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User Info: itok

3 years ago#1
i just beat gabriel in cloud story, so now my questions are
-after ending did it just stuck in "their adventure has just begun" screen? i reset and open the movie galery, there are 3 locked movie, and there are no ending movie, how to unllock them? i am doing something wrong?
-i want to try that maze of tribulations thing, but how to get out of phynal? do i have to walk all the way to the entrance? no warp?

User Info: VeghEsther

3 years ago#2
Correct for the bonus dungeon you need to manually walk all the way back to Fun City and talk to a NPC inside its arena to be warped back to Expel.

Then fly the Synard SW of Arlia.

As for the 3 missing anime movies this version of the game has on the PSP they can only be shown if you chose Rena at the start of the game not Claude.

Yes the game as no NG+ mode so once you beat the game it will stat at the end screen once the credits are over.

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