"finding 9 shards" quest (minor spoiler)

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User Info: panikt

8 years ago#1
There was a quest that we were asked to obtain 9 shards (from finishing nine other sidequest!!!!) to make a sword, shield and accessory in order to kill a boss.

However, I did try to fight the bird right away w/o finding the chart and found that the boss was surprisingly a wussy and so I killed it and finished the quest.

Does this mean I won't be able to get a those stuffs anymore? Are they worth restarting the game all over again to obtain?

User Info: tohst

8 years ago#2
The sword is fairly bad (though it does some flame damage), the shield is nice: 15/15 evasion, the bracelet I didn't get, someone was saying it had some flame resistance or something

I only got 8 which are (for the record of anyone who looks for this):

- Manoryll Salia: from priam, marquis of royotia
- Vis/Aes Salia: From sisters (Hannah/Hinnah) quest in baltrossa
- Vis/Aes Salia: Can't remember, one of Paris' quests maybe
- Shend Salia: White Sovani quest (Elysium)
- Manryn Salia: From Pagus/Sibal Quest (fight the bigass dragon, melphis -> royotia)
- Tak salia: Blocter's Hero Tournement (Ghor)
- Aen salia: White Yama (Ghor)
- Ves Salia: Dishonest-Looking Man (Baaluk)

If anyone can remember where #9 came from should post it up

User Info: enigma28

8 years ago#3
I just got the ninth from completing the Heroes Challenge in disc 2, but I cant remember where to go back to to challenge the guardian/the quest wont work in disc 2.

Anyone know where it is?

User Info: sankgreal

8 years ago#4
Royatia Castle I think, Priam I think has a portal to take you to to the Flame Guardian.

User Info: Clouzk

8 years ago#5
I have the 9 shards, but now I do not know what to do with them. If I'm going to see Priamo, he never opens the portal. Does anyone know what happens? Thanks.

User Info: Hells_7th

8 years ago#6
you need to go to the pub and talk to the guard again.
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User Info: TristanLight

8 years ago#7
#9/#1 in the game's chronology:

Mano Salia - obtained from Emma's quest Loyalty and Bravery at the very beginning of the game

User Info: scorpio man

scorpio man
8 years ago#8
Aen salia: White Yama (Ghor)

Iam In Ghor now and cant find this guy, when does he appear?
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User Info: Doomerang

8 years ago#9

Iam In Ghor now and cant find this guy, when does he appear?

He's not in the pub, oddly enough. He's right outside it.
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User Info: Vagabond_Wolf

8 years ago#10
I have Shend Salia, Aes Salia, Vys Salia, Mano Salia, Manryn Salia, and Manoryll Salia. What are the last two? That list is a bit confusing.
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