Union Builds (ideas)

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User Info: ShdwOni_Scythe

9 years ago#1
In most RPG based games involving strategy, (this one of course) Requiring a build of unions in order to fend off and defeat, along with completing missions(various). It requires some degree of planning, like chess.

A good build in my opinion would be that at least every party have at least one healer, so no union is at a disadvantage, so each would have a back-up healer or Rezzer. to keep the health up incase it falls to red or just need some necessary healing to keep in longer.

A unit that can act as a tank, but in this case, high defense, and good attack ratios, plus the one main thing, each union needs a Union Leader, each maybe being in specifics.

Ex: Pagus --> Magic user Union or with any various other unions.

In my opinion it is best to go for an well rounded union(s)

What are your ideas? It would be great to recieve some new ideas ^_^

User Info: DragoonKain33

9 years ago#2
My minimum in all of my unions is one rezzer, and an extra healer. That way, when you revive a dead union, you'd get them out of critical HP. This allows me to trade a deadlocked critical hp union of mine for an almost full hp union. To understand what happens...

Turn 1
Union A is critical hp
Union A breaks deadlock, revives Union B to full
Enemy Union C raidlocks Union A, giving my team a morale hit and kills union A
Turn 2
Union B, being full hp, can use an all out attack towards Union C
Union C would critical damage Union B
Turn 3 same as Turn 1, except switch Union A and Union B

As you can see, as long as you have enough items, there is no possible way for you to die in this case, and every other turn you'd be launching an all out offensive towards any target of your choice.

But if I could help it, I'd actually put three healers in a union.This way, you get to revive the dead union, heal them with the second healer, and heal the rezzer for the upcoming raidlock. So in essence, I just traded a morale hit to get another union of mine up and running, which is a trade I'd make ANY day since the rezzer still is alive in this case.

Only problem with this is that it really limits your offensive options, since most unions will only have 3 members, and this union build requires all three to be able to heal.
Turn 1: Enhance Spells
Turn 2: Overdrive, Water Blast X5

User Info: sieudaochich

9 years ago#3
Dragoon, what about your all of your unions are in deadlocks or extra enemy group around and you get intercepted by them before rezzing/healing??

Also, if your Union 2 is rezzing/healing, you can get raid and die easily.

User Info: zerovirus123

9 years ago#4
See below:
Tis' my union. there are plenty other good ones, but you're free to choose my method also; I've stuck with it since Hell's Gate and haven't been annihilated since.
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