Save, Save, SAVE!!!!!

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User Info: Lark_XII

8 years ago#1
This games save system sucks... You are never prompted to save by the game, its horrible because this game has bugs up the ass, it crashes unexpectedly and you loose hrs of time. Dont get me wrong the game is quite good but its just hella anoying, I mean for god's sake who would expect the game to crash.... anyway my advice is SAVE! SAVE!! SAVE!!! all the time.

User Info: pipituga

8 years ago#2
Hasnt saved here.. and save save save? isnt that obvious that battles are decided by luck as well.. u can do 20 battles of monsters easily and then as faith has it the same monsters owns u on the 21st battle...
Makes me save every battle sux tho -.- but ok.. Atleast the game lets u save anytime anyplace .. So ur own fault tbh >.>

User Info: Tyrant_o_Terror

8 years ago#3
Bugs up the ass? I guess you mean bug monsters?
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User Info: Lord_Yggdrassil

8 years ago#4
How long does it take to effin save? Press Y use D-pad quickly to get to save option and A up on the D-pad to select overrite and then wait 3 seconds for it to finish then press B and B again to cancel up to the main game.

I tested it and it takes 6 seconds tops.
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User Info: Lark_XII

8 years ago#5
God man you ppl don't get it... NOBODY EXPECTS A GAME TO CRASH!!!! so what if im the type of player that plays a game for a few hrs and then when im done i save and start the next day... i dont constantly save, and this game is the bane of my existence, as it never prompts you to save its just bad design with a game that crashes unexpectedly. Whatever I've learned my lesson after 3 crashes now I save after every battle.

User Info: Panopictonguy

8 years ago#6

If only you knew how complex that process looks in text. lol

You should list it in steps. With elaborating as much possible.

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User Info: djneojapan

8 years ago#7
you don't get it it's save anytime

if there were save points and it crashes like your copy then your worse off since you wouldn't be able to save until a save point
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User Info: Lark_XII

8 years ago#8
I didn't ask for save points did I, I just wish the game prompted you to save every so often, like after major events or something like that, this **** is just frustrating, I hope you play for lets say 4 hrs and then the game crashes on your ass without you having saved, then come back here and tell me its not bad design.

User Info: jfinney66

8 years ago#9
Lark, are you trolling? only an idiot wouldn't reliase that saving anywhere anytime is a good thing.

As for you'r crashes, well I've got over 100 hours and have never seen any sort of crash, either you'r 360 is going to burn out or as I stated, perhaps you'r just trolling or ....

User Info: Nohopeless

8 years ago#10
the way you are complaining I am GLAD the save system is set up like this.

IF it was a save system where you must get to a save point, what are the chances of the game crashing BEFORE you reach the save point?

at least this way i can save EVERY battle without worry about it crashing.

In your case isn't it obvious the save system is like this where you can save after every battle rather than having to reach a save point which is a greater chance of losing much more gameplay hours from a crash? DUH

i would love to see the look of your face if the save system was like other j-rpg where you have to reach a save point. OH NOES! I wasted hours of battle because the save point is so far away and the game crashed.

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