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User Info: Frzy

8 years ago#1
Allrighty, I know I said i would be posting the the rest of the maps way back when, but then the holidays came and work got a little crazy, so I had to put the maps on the back burner for awhile. But over the last couple of days I've pretty much completed every map with rare monsters on them. I used zer83's Rare Monster FAQ to complete the maps. I've also put the harvest points on the areas I can run though and don't run out of dig points. So if you stubble on some rares or harvest points let me know so i can update the maps. I'm providing the outline but need a lot of help with the details. Also big thanks to Lord Cryptos for helping me out. Also if any1 can point me in the right direction in getting these either stickied or posting the images in the FAQ section would be great, cause i tried to just edit my last post but was locked. And since this is gonna be an on going thing it would help for it to stay open. Thanks again in advance and enjoy the map.

----WORLD MAP----





----Darken Forest----



----Gaslin Caves----

----Heroic Ramparts----

----Mt. Veckel----

----Ruins of Robelia Castle----

----The Great Sand Sea----

----The Great Subterrane----

----The Southwest Road----

----Vale of the Gods----

----Yvalocks Nest----

User Info: Jupacu

8 years ago#2
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: Frzy

8 years ago#3
----The First Path----

----The Second Path----

----The Third Path----

----The Fourth Path----

----The Fifth Path----

----The Sixth Path----

----The Seventh Path----

I know I'm missing a couple maps and will get them up soon. Photoshop isn't liking me right now and won't save jpeg form so I'll get the rest up soon. Again comments and request welcome.

User Info: ZeroX99

8 years ago#4
You are now tracking this topic.

User Info: darglor

8 years ago#5
I think the real pain of a map is the Flaumello Tower. I think that's what it's called anyway; the font for it is really hard to read on my SDTV :-P

Otherwise, good job. This will definitely be handy, particularly for the rare monsters.

User Info: Frzy

8 years ago#6
Almost forgot, Haven't been able to make maps of the Catacombs or the FTower cause I missed the quest and or went to disc 2 b4 I started this. So I'll see what I can do but for now those seem to be the only maps I have missed

User Info: darglor

8 years ago#7
How complete are these? I notice a few dig points missing in Yvalock Nest. I've also met a fly rare directly east of #3 on that map but I don't remember if it's Goldenflyer or not, though. Vestri, a giant type rare, spawns in the "third section" of that map (somewhere in the bottom left quadrant). My Birdwing always spawns where the 6 is marked, as well, but that's close enough :-)

I'm also a bit disappointed that there's no 2 on that map. I swear, I've emptied the place out over 20+ times looking for that stupid nightblossom seed with no luck. Urgh.

User Info: darglor

8 years ago#8

Sorry, meant directly east of #5 for the fly, in the circular area.

User Info: blitz1008

8 years ago#9
the image quality is awesome on these maps, but i've noticed a few things such as:

1.) Ruins of Robelia Castle - Where the red #4 is, there is actually a treasure.

2.) Dillmoor - The map chest is actually the container north of where you have it marked. Also, there are no harvesting points on this map.

I really hope you fix these up, as these would make an amazing reference.

User Info: SpeechieMoogle

8 years ago#10
The day I beat the game!

Thanks though!
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