Which leaders are actually worth recruiting?

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User Info: diamondisII

8 years ago#1
So far I have the normal generals, Emmy, Caedmon (sp?) and Rush. Any good ones that I'm missing out on? I'm just before aquaducts atm. Also I'm assuming leaders level up whether in a union or not, but at a slower rate, right? Do soldiers do that too?

User Info: _darkhorse13

8 years ago#2
dont think soldiers lvl up at all m8 unless u use em in ya unions as for other leaders i only use the main storyline characters but baulson is a must have leader IMO:)
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User Info: Takfloyd_mkII__

8 years ago#3
All the leaders with their own unique description are worth recruiting, because they all get their own storyline, voice acting and quests that you miss out on otherwise.

Oh, and the leaders don't start leveling up until you recruit them(keeping them in reserves works though), so if you're already at the Aqueducts, it's probably too late to level up some of the earliest ones like Baulson and Nora.
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User Info: diamondisII

8 years ago#4
Oh, I forgot Baulson, already have him. He was in one of my main unions til recently. I'm planning to grind some before I go onto disc two... guess I'll just fill my reserves with the unique ones then lol. Cheers.

User Info: o0XLR80o

8 years ago#5
Hmm leaders that I use and liked (not counting story ones) are: Yuniver, better alternative to Zolean imo (Mystic type Yama), Caedmon is good if u play him right, used him a lot at the start.
Aiterra (Yama that dual wields Murasame(sp?) and Mithril Otachi when upgraded)
Lecuitius? Really not convinced he is worth the money tho, he does look cool but just ended up a lesser version of Torgal for me.

Those are the main ones I remember at least but I used a few :)

User Info: Majin-Kronos

8 years ago#6
Caedmon, Nora, Rhagoh, Loki - are worth recruiting, if only to have access to their sidequests that pop up later. (I think there's some others, but those are the only ones I remember reading on the sidequest thread.)

But for general playing - It's really up to you. One of the things I like about this game is the diversity to be had. What could work for one person and their style, could totally not work for your own. But IMO - I'd suggest having before Aqueducts, atleast: Baulson and Glenys.

And yeah, tbh, I haven't recruited any faceless leaders. All my reserves are filled with Unique Leaders.
I made it onto Disc 2 last night. and my Leaders look like this: Rush, David, Emmy, Blocter, Pagus, Torgal, Baulson, Caedmon, Loki, Nora, Glenys, Rhagoh, Gabriel, and Violet.

User Info: dazbuzz

8 years ago#7
Does anyone know when/where the leaders needed for quests can be recruited? i dont want to miss any >_>
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User Info: DarkRyu1702

8 years ago#8
Rhagoh,Loki,Nora,Glenys,Jager,Caedmon these are the leaders with quest an jager is the only one on disc 2 all the others can be recruited on disc 1. their quests arent missable i think

User Info: somberll

8 years ago#9
As far as leaders other than the ones with quests go, however, I recruited a leader named McGrady at the beginning of the game, left him in reserve most of the game, and now halfway through disk 2 he suddenly has an attack of 124, and does boatloads of damage, that's higher than most of my good leaders I have been using! Kinda weird how that happened. I also found Gaou, recruitable from Baaluk, is pretty good as well, he has a higher attack and more HP than Blocter at BR104.
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