Your ****ing kidding me!! (Base 4)

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User Info: iDizzee

8 years ago#1
So im on Base 4, takes like 15 mins to Spam Blackout outside.... not too hard btu yeah get inside

(This is my first go on base 4) now Blackout (10,000 damage) kills all the minion dudes and then i summon cyclops. He's going at Hannah, The black haired Sumurai, and now my 4 unions are battering Hinnah. Now i took Hinnah down to Flashing red then they use some crazy healing that heals them with 89,000 points

So i work Hinnah down to Flashing and Hannaha uses that same heal!!

Now i've changed all my characters to attack hannah. They both use some crazy double team to take down cyclops. Now the Numor Mines summon come out and he's on Hinnah im taking Hannah

Hannah uses that bloody healing again!!! (and they have 2 seriosuly over-powered double team attacks that can wipe out unions easily)

This battle againt these girly freaks has been going for over an hour.... and STILL GOING!!!!!

BR 51 and this is STUPID!!!

tl;dr this game is frustrating and base 4 is so stupid!!!!
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User Info: iDizzee

8 years ago#2
Wow... i made this topic in a stress

Hannah is now down. No more healing

Me vs. Hinnah and i just learned Whiteout by accident...
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User Info: aftershock79

8 years ago#3
Welcome to the Last Remnant... the cheapest game there is. Wait until you get to the base with the guy using "Hyper", he gets in like around 6 consecutive attacks on your union and KO's them in one turn. Now that's frustration.

User Info: iDizzee

8 years ago#4
I completed Base 4 after along boring time (Wasn't exactly hard just time consuming)

I've got to do Base 3 , 5 , 6 leaving till last cuz apparently it's the easiest and you have to fight something straight after

Base 5 is apparently SO HARD ... Mr young or something. Is he the guy your on about

Im doing base 6 now. I'm still outside trying to fight my way into the place. I've got through like 16 units so far
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User Info: Takfloyd_mkII__

8 years ago#5
It's called Iron Will, and it's basically Overdrive+Miracle, meaning he gets 5 buffed-up attacks on EVERY union that deadlocks him. Will kill you if you don't know it's coming.

Anyway, when one of the twins is down the other one starts using Total Domination. Watch out for lovestruck unions.
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User Info: iDizzee

8 years ago#6
Oh im about to face that guy after all these freekin' unions!!

and those twins were annoying. The last one alive used Overdrive and used that spell that makes my unions puppets!
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User Info: iDizzee

8 years ago#7
Double post, my bad

But can you confirm this is right... i swear i'm going through the alphabet fot the 3rd time? I'm just hitting Blackout and wiping out like 6 unions at a time then the next 6 come then i o the same ect. but this is goingon for ever? im not exactly paying attention cuz im on GameFAQ's
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Gamertag : o T i M M A o

User Info: XBushidoBladeX

8 years ago#8
If you save base 5 for your last base battle your screwed...

User Info: edrez

8 years ago#9
For me Base4 was the hardest one, I was around BR 90 when I went in (was the first base I tryed), with their first special attack they wipe out 3 of my unions(over 3k damage to each union), then I revive them, and after I killed all the smallpets they used that attack again and bam, another group dead, in the end I got pwnd, and I was like "damn, they are really hard, I need more grinding", so I went to path2 I think, found AR and came out with BR110, went back to these "girls" and wiped them out, they still managed to do some nice damage on me.... the other 5 bases, were cake.... so I think base4 is the hardest least was for me...

User Info: sonicqaz2

8 years ago#10
I beat Base 4 on the second try, because I didn't know about the healing from Hannah. If you kill Hannah first, I don't think Hinnih will heal. The second try I won very very easily.

Base 3 was the easiest for me. I don't know why people had a tough time with that. Leave the little bugger alone until you kil all of his minions, and then send all of your unions to attack him except for one, because his deadlock attacks are bad.

For Base 6, when you see him use Iron Will, then send the one union at him that you want to die, because it will die. Revive and heal that union. It's pretty easy too.

I actually died on Base 2 because the guy went nutso. I forgot what attack he did, but he ended up killing 2 of my unions in one turn, leaving two left. Only 1 of the remaining 2 unions had a reviver, and he ended up raidlocking that one first (I have no idea how) and killing it. Then I spent the next 30 minutes with one union attacking and healing, but eventually I couldn't keep up.

The second time I played him, I was never in danger of losing. It was one of those fights where the game tells you "There is no effing way I'm letting you win this fight."

Base 1 is similair to Base 3. Attack all of the minions, let the guy kill one of your unions at the end of every turn with his stupid guns, and revive that union.

I had 4 unions, with a healer in each and a reviver in 3 of the 4. If you do this, you should usually be able to hang with most of these bosses.

Finally, Base 5, the bastard of bases. Honestly, I had to grind until my tanking unit was able to withstand Youngs end of turn brawl attack before I could beat him. This is where I suggest using the Ancient Ruins. Once your tanking union can handle his end of turn move, this fight is a breeze.

Good luck.
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