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User Info: JWright87

8 years ago#1

Hi guys as most people in this game i'm trying to get a dragon liver to finish of my mermaids malice.

I know this guys spawns in the sand sea searing cauldron inbetween posts 1-2 (n4-5)

but he's a rare pop so are there any clear indications that he'll be there i can see before as if i can i'd rather not go all the way there see he's not there and then having to run back zone world map and do this process all over again.

also i've killed bai ze no problem how does gomei size up against him? alot worse? easier? any attacks i should worry about? any info would be nice.

also i've heard this is a rare one off type pop is that true?

Thanks in advance


User Info: ExileNineteen

8 years ago#2
I farmed him a few days ago, only a few real indications I can think of:

- If the rare dog is up in searing cove, no dragon.

- If dragons are in cauldron, no *rare* dragon.

you should google "gomei last remnant wiki" for the wiki page on him also.
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User Info: o0XLR80o

8 years ago#3
Yeh, basically u need a Grand Beetle in the first area & only one type of monster e.g. Grand Beetles in the 2nd area. However there r like 4 other rare's that spawn with the same conditions which is why its a pain to find :/ Apparently dragon's can be captured for their liver too, but I think ur BR has to be fairly low to find em or u will just get Dread Dragons.

User Info: darglor

8 years ago#4
People reportedly have a lot of trouble finding him before the bases... I never have in 4 playthroughs after hours of trying. After the bases, I usually find him within 15 tries, so that might be a blocking factor on his spawn early on.

User Info: JWright87

8 years ago#5

That might be a problem as i've literally just started the second disc and was looking to use mermaids malice in the bases haha

User Info: JWright87

8 years ago#6

got it last night :D

zoned 5 times and he was there.

need to have a beetle and 3 manticores at the first error then divians in the next for him to be there.

also make sure you get a chain going of atleast 20/30 will make the liver drop alot easier i killed him 5 times first 4 no chain then chained 30 divians and got the liver first time.

Mermaids Malice is offically a beast it's been hitting average of 8-12k with combat arts!

User Info: o0XLR80o

8 years ago#7
Good thing is u can upgrade it to teh Demonblade for a different guild quest too :) Doesn't have to be Divians in the 2nd area fyi, just only one type of monster since the rare e.g. Gomei will replace the other type that usually spawns. I never found him on m first playthrough... :(

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