Best leaders?

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User Info: Ninjahawk88

6 years ago#1
Who are the best leaders to use throughout the game? You can only use 6.

User Info: Towelboy43

6 years ago#2
The answer will be somewhat subjective unless you are asking from a "who gets the highest stats" point of view.

I prefer (after only one playthrough btw):

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User Info: sunzi

6 years ago#3
I would actually put the count at 5 since you always have to deploy Rush.

The best leaders really depends on what you're trying to accomplish. If you're talking overall stats, then I would have to say Caedmon. If you're talking utility, it's still Caedmon. His only problems are the lack of the Special formation attribute required for formation upgrades and his weapon being incredibly heavy (15). Taking into account stats, possible final class, equipment, Skill set and leading capabilities, I'd probably pick these 5~6:

Maddox or Irina (can't really pick between Thaumaturge and Scholar)

I'm also quite happy with the group I'm using this run: David, Violet, Nora, Emmy and Glenys with swapping in Irina for Violet from time to time. I prefer to have combat medics as a just-in-case measure and generally don't like combat-only units (prefer control over power). Most of the Sovani are powerhouses, but they have little quirks that can keep them from being the absolute best units in the game. Except for Caedmon, since you could just stick him in the Zodiac Fall formation and be done with it. If you really want a lot of power behind your unions (assuming that you know which soldiers to use), then these ones are probably the best for the job:

Torgal (WA + RWA, not much else)
Caedmon (powerful combat medic)
Baulson (another one, can be recruited early)
Jager (class already boosts STR by 15%, requires Schiavona for RWA though)
Ghor (if you can get him early enough)
Wyngale (same deal as Ghor, though he's very fussy to work with due to a huge arts pool)
Allan (if you don't mind the lack of WA, very low equip burden compared to the other Sovani)
Glenys (Rubber Soul helps charge AP, add extra hits for up to +28% damage, along with PG+15% and CA+15% from Gladiator)
Emmy (DW hits hard, high level healing, Hundred Flowers)
Darien (high STR, very good as a Guardian)

Could say more, but it's really dependent on your needs.
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User Info: LonerwolfM

6 years ago#4

I havent posted on here nearly as much as I used 2 for 2 reasons 1 With my 360 in repair I couldnt play now that I finally got it back I can pick yo where ai had to leave off in the game and 2 ther are others who have been on teh board longer or have helped others just as much if not more than I have in the past.

This topic is a perennial on this board. It may come ang go but it always sems to pop up again in one for or another.

One thing I have seen and learned while playing this is A list of Best Leaders is subjuective based on what you need ( agree wholeheartledly with Sunzi on that although some of the leaders she uses are not some of my favorites so I dont tend to use them)

Now Darglor in a past post did an excellant job listing the leaders in categories of Very High, High, Medium, and Low. Now you may agree or not with darglor again that is subjective on your opinions.

Now if you asked 100 people who play their list of best everyones list may all slightly vary but you would see a common thread that is certain leaders always seem to fall in the list in some way or another. In no particular order: Cademon, Emmy, Glenys, Nora, Irina, Jager, Baulson, Duke of Ghor(8 already and ther are others) are all excelant Choices and you cant really get hurt with any of them. Just as an example right before my 360 died I was running 5 Unions led by 1 Rush 2 Cademon 3 Emmy 4 Glenys 5Irina/Nora making adjustmentsif needed for a speciffic task.

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