Scariest ( but left you laughing) moments ( Spoilers possible)

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User Info: ExtremeMagnion2

9 years ago#1
Just post your favorite chill and thrill moments during this games single and multiplayer.

I liked the part at the abandoned hotel where you enter the bthroom and look at the mirrors, then bam, a guy jumps up behind you, i kinda knew this would happen after experienceing it twice at the level, so when i saw the third bathroom with a mirror, i walked in backwards...nothing, then i opened the cabinet to get health, closed it, no reflection but when i turned around BAM a Junkie was right in my face, i jumped, my fingers accidentally squeezed the R1 button, sending off a shotgun blast straight at his head.... lol, i sat their laffing for a bit

Another was during the first level ( Rock Bottom). After i saw Vanhorn being dragged down into the black goo, i walked slowly with the lights off, i noticed somethings hanging on the ceiling. I said to myself "huh....hanging babies? creepy"... i kept walking, keeping the crossheir on the 'hanging baby' then it burst open screaming and grabbing me. lol, i literally yelled.

I thiunk there's more, but cant remember much, so your turn.

User Info: Zukkus

9 years ago#2
I don't know why this scared me, but after you are in the lodge and you watch the video on Vanhorn's computer, it is silent, the guys come in and start shooting at you. When they started firing, it scared me and i jumped and accidentally hit the R2 button, and I whipped my gun across the room. So I had to run while being shot and and try and find my gun, and it took a while for me to find it.
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User Info: ExtremeMagnion2

9 years ago#3
Oh, this one part in the Lodge where the bear chaes you, lol, so good. After i thought it left me alone, i walked out of the room and headed for the doorway, i then heard thumping, i turned around and it was there, roaring, I was like AAAAAUAGH, turned around and ran like hell, lol, good times

User Info: Mariobros16

9 years ago#4
i was in the hotel and was looking at the mirror waiting for the guy to attack me, and i turned around and he was just sitting there but not appearing in the mirror, scary glitch
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9 years ago#5
i think the mirror in the hotel is the most popular answer to this question. That was by far the most frightening moment of the game. I LOVE this game.

User Info: solidglass

9 years ago#6
The bear was so scary it was almost funny...when the game flashed "RUN FOR YOU LIFE!" and I almost wanted to phyiscally run out the door.

However, the scariest part to me was in the hotel with the mannequins - you see one from a distance, go up close to it, realize it's just a dummy. Then BAM! you turn around, and there's twenty or so surrounding you for no apparent reason.

User Info: evilash00

9 years ago#7
if say that the first time i played the SCU building i was on the edge. empty hallways, hallucinations popping up out of no where , and darkness were just some of the things that contributed to this scaryass level.

User Info: Cool_new_name

9 years ago#8
The bear reaching through the door and roaring.
I was huddled in the corner of that room and so scared to walk past the boarded up part because I thought the bear would get me through the wall.

User Info: 00Raziel00

9 years ago#9
Not many funny moments but defiantly the Bear scene scared me but laughed at the same time when it said RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

User Info: SMH07

9 years ago#10
the part in the hotel with the mannequins freaked me out, i looked around the corner and it was standing there so i threw a bat or something at it and nothing happened, so i walked up to it and that spooky voice said "you're dead" or something like that, then when i turned around there was loads behind me. so i left the room but realised i had no weapon, so i turned to go back into the room to get my bat and they were all blocking the door.. was creepy stuff.
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