Do we really need airplanes?

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User Info: dom_boi14

9 years ago#51
crashing through buildings with jets now why the hell wouldn't you wana do that, im sorry to say but 9-11 replayed 1000's times

User Info: thomassie

9 years ago#52

Yeah if you dont want it dont use it its not that 1 people that is important like bush say: I HATE CARS WE SHOULD ALL GO WITH THE TRAIN. That this then happen some poeple hate it some people like it so dont whine.

User Info: nemasus

9 years ago#53
i think their should be cause in the pic that shows the new map it has islands that are too far off land to have bridges
saints row EMBjonathan584

User Info: Methodus2063

9 years ago#54
One day I will get some programmers together and have them make a game so realistic, and so challenging, that everyone who keeps asking for gas in their cars, no respawns, and traffic violations, like speeding, using the wrong lane, or failure to stop and stop sign/red light will regret ever asking for these things when they finally realize that such novelties as being realisitc can hinder the excitment and fun of a game. I for one would hate to play a GTA/ SR game were I sepnd most of my time being pulled over by the cops because I could maintain the proper speed because I'm using a trigger/button, instead of a gas peddle.

Games are design to be enjoyable. The more enjoyable a game is, the longer a person will play it, and the more likely they are to buy the next version. Cause a player to be fustrated with the game and they will put it down, never play it again, and tell all their friends about the bad experience. Being realistic and being fun, don't always go hand in hand. And sometimes the non-realisticness of some experiences is what captivates us.

So should planes be in SR2? Yes. Will they be usefull? Maybe, but that isn't going to stop people from finding strange and entertaining ways of using them. Is more always better? In the gaming world, especially free roamers like GTA/SR, that can be a qualified yes, because it opens up more, and interesting ways to play. More things to do, the longer you play. The longer you play, the more likely you will want to get the next one, with new, and more interesting things then the previous.
Evil Overlord Methodus, leader of PHEAR

User Info: nemasus

9 years ago#55
^ great post my friends are always saying that and i always say it will suck
people play games like this (gta style) to do crazy stuff. If it had all the rules that applie to real life you wouldnt be allowed to customize cars cause it would make most of them not street legal. You wouldn't be allowed to steal cars so youd be screwed if your car blew up. driving would be boring as hell having to go slow make shure you stay in your lane all that crap. it would take way too much time and money to make it for it just to be a failure

it would suck
saints row EMBjonathan584

User Info: gamerkingg

9 years ago#56

Omg the guys above me which include the two who posted above and me are right. :)

It would be a realy bad experiecnce if you are a crazy flying car driving flying off bridges and go through the ground(look up on youtube for Breaking the ground barrier thats me) :)

So plz just make sure if you dont want to be fun just dig a hole and be in there for a while cuz games are comming out for fun not death.


User Info: X-RS

9 years ago#57
i havent heard much from this game but im definately gonna get it. airplanes i dont need. but bikes. those are important.

User Info: PiNwOrM

9 years ago#58
I can't wait to fly around Stillwater, in helicoptors and jets. I hope they include fighter jets and apaches/attack heli's too. I loved those in Vice City.

User Info: Buzzeltop

9 years ago#59
I agree with 2063.

User Info: X-RS

9 years ago#60

actually, you probably would do some 911 thing. maybe destroy some other record company.

still i think they wanted to do it from the beginning but just couldnt. the travel agency window is pretty good evidence.

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