plz... no more hiphop related gangs

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User Info: DutchDoc

9 years ago#1

why do all gangs in SR1 have to be that "hiphop culture" related, except for the rollerz... that gang was one step into another direction.... i think.

wouldn't it be better if you can make your own choice in whichof the gangs you want to be a member of? like maffia, yakuza, or if you played crackdown the europe gang named "the volk" idk, variety doesn't kill the game.

User Info: snwbrdr3

9 years ago#2
yea that would be interesting even though i like the hip hop gangs i think it wud be cool 2 see variety like the mafia and other gangs for other peoples interest. the only thing is that saints row is based on that type of culture so it will most likely be hip hop related as u put it.
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User Info: XDaJokermanX

9 years ago#3
I love the hip hop gangs to and they do fit the feel of the game but seeing some diversity would be nice. A mafia like gang or Yakuza asian gang would be cool. Also I would prefer that your character starts his own gang. Then battles the Saints or whoever the traitors are running with.
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User Info: BlackPanther703

9 years ago#4
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

User Info: CeZil

9 years ago#5
and biker gangs!

User Info: antp

9 years ago#6
Saints Row IS based off of what yall say as "Hip Hop Gangs"....Don't like it??? Play somethin else, problem solved....

User Info: FallenAgent

9 years ago#7
I agree that hip hop is nice, but the reality is that this game takes place several years later. One would assume that Saints Row took place in the 1990's...maybe 1998, and this new game will take place in 2008. The game could have even taken place in the 2000's, but the point is: Hip Hop culture has blended.

What was once considered "skater boy stuff" is now considered cool. To see a more diverse set of gangs would open up the gameplay to differemt audiences. When I worked at GameStop, customers were unsure of buying this game because of the "ghetto" theme and after I assured them that the game had, but was not limited to hip hop, they would try it and be happy.

In the real world, gangs and territories are more than just about hip hop. The idea of a gang is on the principle money. You join the gang you do what they ask, they get money, your neighborhood is safe, you may even get a bit of cash, etc, etc. Corruption and extortion for the sake of money, power and respect. "Hip Hop" culture evolved from people who lived it. Just as people who skate board tend to wear jeans (because when you fall denim doesn't screw you over), skater shoes (DC's and DVS are awesome, but not just because of look. The flat bottoms allow you to stay on your board and slide when you need to..)

Fashion, entertainment, even phrases and speech come from a common connection between people in a specific lifestyle.

If StillWater is now "modern" then there would be more diversity because the hiphop community has become such. So while the gangs may still be Hip hop inspired, we should see a Skull gang who look punk or gothic-esque

User Info: Iron_Chef_Spam

9 years ago#8
why do all gangs in SR1 have to be that "hiphop culture" related, except for the rollerz

Did you even actually play the game or did your hatred of the hip hop culture keep you from it.

There are 4 gangs in SR and only 50% of them have hip hop influence. If you can't remember the other gang, I'm not going to help you out as you pretty much lost any non-racist credibility you thought you had. Besides the gangs, there are a number of characters you do jobs for that have no hip hop theme at all and one of them even spouts demeaning, racial comments when driving around.

As for having more varied "cultural" characters the characters you interact with in SR (Not including gangs) range from a trailer trash dad up to suburban "housewife" living in the most exclusive neighborhood in Stillwater. But oh no...."all the gangs have to be that hip hop related....."

While I would welcome more varied gangs (Apparently Sr2 will have them), I know from firsthand playtime with SR that there are more than just hip hop gangs in Stillwater that you interact with.
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User Info: DUB1230

9 years ago#9
Because only the hip hop gangs are cool, thats what sells

User Info: XboxOG

9 years ago#10
wait the vice kings was the only hip hop related gang , the rollers were the fast and the furious / need for speed underground fanboys, and the carnales I think thats how you spell it were like the gangs you see in desparado , and the saints were just the saints . I cant stand it when people see a gta-like game w/ gangs mind you , the first thing they think about is ( in redneck voice baw gawd Iz dont wantz ta play a game wit na negras in it (ps im black) ) ooooooooh please fyi there are white people in the crips and bloods
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