Picking Names

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User Info: x_zeroman_x

9 years ago#31
Kinky Kat Killerz! w00t
Dont be afraid..............Keep walking..............The closer you get to the light, the greater your shadow becomes

User Info: fixer293

9 years ago#32

ste123u posted...
If possible mine would be called the warriors, and I would be Ajax

either that or the gang would be the Gramercy Riffs and I would be Cyrus
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User Info: FledglingPhinix

9 years ago#33
the gang would be the Gramercy Riffs and I would be Cyrus

So you could be shot and killed at the beginning of the game?

User Info: ElvisIsTheKing

9 years ago#34
lol good game and movie

User Info: Angel_X5452

9 years ago#35
be nice to pick from a selection of names for your character to so people refer to you by name.
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User Info: thomassie

9 years ago#36

That is cool i call my gang then: The black parade (and give them black clothes xD). But do you van make youre own tag then to ? like you tag over a gang that you have youre own tag made in the begin of the game. That is cool =D

User Info: Scarefacefan

9 years ago#37
The Murda.
s on my d b
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