What songs do you want in this game

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User Info: thomassie

9 years ago#41
I like to hear rock from simple plan and i like the most "welcome to my life" of simple plan. =]

User Info: ssjg_vegeta

9 years ago#42
I'd like to here some Fall Out Boy, Evanescence, and a lot of crunk music for the shootouts. "Who I Is" by Three Six Mafia is my ish when I'm about get in a gang shootout.
"Who else but Quagmire!!!"

User Info: PunishmentEmbod

9 years ago#43
More good rock, not the current popular crap. Maybe a station that plays early and mid 90's rock.
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User Info: colonyplayer03

9 years ago#44
Kottonmouth Kings


User Info: G_N_R_1985

9 years ago#45
Some Lynyrd Skynyrd, Beatles, Velvet Revolver, Megadeth, Motorhead, Muse and Classical.
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