tons of info on SAINTS ROW 2 read before posting

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User Info: nemasus

9 years ago#1
First off I am not trying to take credit for finding all this info I am just organizing a bunch of stuff i found on the internet to show just some of the stuff coming to SAINTS ROW 2 and info about it.

SAINTS ROW 2 is coming out for the 360(of course) and also the PS3. It is the sequel to the hit game SAINTS ROW it is going to be developed by Volition and published by THQ again. The sequel was revealed on May 11, 2007 and will start being shipped some time in 2008.

The game is set 15 years after the first game and many areas on the map have changed including expansion of the west side of the city. Their is also a island in the new map that is only accessible by boats, planes, or a helicopter.

The game is said to start off with your guy ending up surviving the explosion but is badly hurt and needs plastic surgery to look normal (which will explain why you get to make a new guy or girl)

NEW PEDESTRIAN ABILITIES: Pedestrians will react to the weather if its raining they will open umbrellas. They will also crowd around someone that has just been shot allowing the player to use the distraction to get away. You can also use pedestrians as human shields.

RELEASE DATE: currently the release date is to be announced but it is supposed to be out some time in fall 2008

NEW VEHICLES: boats, helicopters, planes, Monster trucks, motorcycles, and trains

NEW WEAPONS: First off the police have two new weapons the tazer, and pepper spray.
Now for your new weapons. You can dual wield smaller guns, katana, Laser guided rockets, Remote detonated sachel charges,

NEW ACTIVITIES: Their are 2 new activities I heard of
1. Car Surfing you have to balance you guy on the car
2. Their is also a activitie where you shoot people (males) in their privates the activitie is called "testicular manslaughter"

NEW CUSTOMIZATION OPTIONS: Gender, age, voice (so maby your guy/girl will talk more than 3 words the entire game),crib, and gang customization.

CO-OP: The entire single player campaign will be playable in online and local play co-operative mode. Im thinking the 2nd player will be a guy that finds and saves you after the boat and helps you get revenge on the people that betrayed you.

NEW CLOTHES:I don't know any specific type of new clothes except with the introduction of female characters womens clothing will be in it. Also if you are a guy you can buy womens cloth and be a cross dresser.

I hope this helps answer some peoples questions and if you think it could help some more people keep it bumped or give it a sticky.
saints row EMBjonathan584

User Info: phat_frank43

9 years ago#2
haha that sounds awesome! :D

User Info: Hunter_Mors

9 years ago#3
OK i didnt read all of it before posting because one part you have to change people keep saying this and its annoying me greatly. The game is not set 15 years in the future from the first Saints Row, what they meant was they developed the city comic book style meaning the city advanced what a city would normally advance in a 15 year period, but instead it all happened over a 1 or 2 year period. Just wanted to clarify that.

User Info: nemasus

9 years ago#4
thanks for clearing it up it had me confused at first
I actually had "it takes place after the first one" but the majority of places I got the info said 15 years later so in just put 15 years in.
saints row EMBjonathan584

User Info: nemasus

9 years ago#5
another thing than i was gona put in it but never was a pic of the new map. I didnt cause i couldn't find just a pic of it (because the new map pic was in some gamer magazine and it was too small to really see) anyways in the video below it has a good pic of it just pause it at 0:44 to see the new map
saints row EMBjonathan584

User Info: X-RS

9 years ago#6

thanks for the summation. answered almost all my questions.


does anybody have better clarification on the plot? it says it will be darker, betrayal etc. but with the ending, that doesnt mean much. im hoping you take apart saints row, and take revenge on julius. is that what they mean?

User Info: Sgt_Raymo

9 years ago#7
revenge on julius...Julius died? please, i haven't played in so long, did he die at the end? how?
"" - Snape
That says it all.

User Info: cheese_game619

9 years ago#8

Sgt_Raymo posted...
revenge on julius...Julius died? please, i haven't played in so long, did he die at the end? how?

When did Julius die!? I don't think he died...

User Info: karlrosieangel

9 years ago#9
he didnt die he was stood waiting for the boat to blow up at the end
The Wayward Son
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