Where are the awesome sunglasses

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User Info: Silverblade357

9 years ago#1
During the first game, I never went without those Ultor Unlimited Sunglasses, they were just so bloody awesome and went perfectly with my character. (who looked suspiciously like Albert Wesker)

I've been looking through the sunglasses in this game (At Branded, I believe) and every last one of them just doesn't have the same appeal. Is there anywhere else I can buy sunglasses or am I cursed to settle for partial perfection?

User Info: Nameless_Shogun

9 years ago#2
Try 'On thin Ice' to get some halfway decent glasses

User Info: FoNgThOnGz

9 years ago#3
Yeah, try the Jewelry store.
GamerTag & PSN - FoNgThOnG
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