How the hell do I disable cheats?

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User Info: AkumaDaimyo

9 years ago#1
Some idiot joined my game and had cheats on. Now I can't get them off. I WANT the achievements and I saved and it won't turn them off. How do I turn them off or am I screwed now?

User Info: DoubleJ9

9 years ago#2
Are they listed in your cheat list? If so just click the ones he activated and choose "Yes" and it should give you a message saying they are deactivated. If they're not in your list you may try getting the numbers from this site and putting them in then turning them on and off again.
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User Info: Apextech

9 years ago#3
It does not matter even if the cheat was disabled.If you save the game your screwed.You should have seperate files.If i'm wrong then please someone correct me cause this happened to me too and i started a new save.Once that asterix is in the file it never goes way.
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User Info: halo824

9 years ago#4

Can't disable them... Just gotta go back to the last save before the cheats were enabled.

People are severely idiotic with the cheats...
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User Info: PokerAlchemist

9 years ago#5
Hahahaha, this is great people must be doing it on purpose..
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User Info: AkumaDaimyo

9 years ago#6
Yeah I hope you laugh if it happens to you idiot. Oh and I just reloaded from an autosave and now my games are invite only.
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  3. How the hell do I disable cheats?

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