what is this symbol?

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User Info: hongs55

9 years ago#1
ive beat the ronin and im on the last misson for the samedi and i havent started the brotherhood. all of the sudden these two symbols, a U in a yellow square, showed up around the saints hideout.
they show up on the minimap but not the larger map.

what are they for?

User Info: doppleganger22

9 years ago#2
those have to do with the elevator in your hideout I believe as I have looked and nothing else is there

User Info: _Elite_Bushido_

9 years ago#3
you must not have been payin attention to almost every mission.....
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User Info: cougar010

9 years ago#4
Here's a suggestion. Why don't you go the where the symbol is and see what happens? Brilliant!
Feel free to make my post clever and funny.

User Info: evilmunky666

9 years ago#5
cougar... nothing happens.... they are just there. there isnt anything saying what they are or anything. they just show up.
Haven't you heard?

User Info: doppleganger22

9 years ago#6
my previous message was wrong as the symbols are not there anymore.I have no idea what they were

User Info: bluAstrid

9 years ago#7
Elevators that get you to your underground HQ, now called "The Purgatory".

User Info: _Classic_Gamer_

9 years ago#8
I have thsoe U-shaped symbols too and I can't tell what they represent either. What's up with that?

User Info: doppleganger22

9 years ago#9
hey are not for the elevators to "purgatory" as I don't have the icons anymore. I am doing the samedi missions now as I have beat the ronin and the brotherhood.
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