General's Limo/Hearse

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User Info: Wolvenfox

8 years ago#1
A: I've found the name to be Hounfor. (Worth Google-ing)

B: I, at least, did not receive this car upon torching the General.

If anyone's got an idea of how to even find a cheat for it, I'm sure a few of us would be very thankful.

User Info: afredo2

8 years ago#2
yeh i would also like to know as i was disapointed you did not get it after destroying the samedis

User Info: afredo2

8 years ago#3
i got it, during the mission, grab the limo and drive off, wen the game asks u to exit mission, hit yes,

User Info: Wolvenfox

8 years ago#4
I knew there was always that route, but the limo exploded long before I could get close to it. If you're like me and already completed the mission, just replay it and drive around for a while. To be honest, it sucks to drive just like any other limo.

User Info: CypherComplete

8 years ago#5

User Info: Andrius

8 years ago#6
How do you exit with the hearse? Whenever I exit I get dumped back to my house with the newspaper clippings. I assume I gotta grab the limo before the General gets out, but when I do I just drive around forever with gang cars pestering me regularly, no prompts to exit, and if I manually abort with two down presses on the d-pad, the car vanishes and I'm back in my crib. What am I doing wrong?


User Info: afredo2

8 years ago#7
during the mission i just grabbed the limo (the genral was still in the back) and drove off and wen the exit mission option popped up cause i left shaundi and exit the mission and the game left me driving the limo

User Info: Nitro378

8 years ago#8
You an only exit a mission with a car the first time you do it. Sucks, I know.
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User Info: SpankyXXV

8 years ago#9

here's how u get the limo: the mission shopping maul to the mall before time runs out the cut-scene 4.eliminate every one of the generals guards except one 5.eliminate the last guard and jump on the hood of the limo "Y" button 7.tap twice down on the d-pad to exit mission 8.when the screen comes up asking if u want 2 retry, start from beginning, or exit. hit exit button 9.ENJOY THE LIMO

User Info: Malcrasternus

8 years ago#10
If you're playing from the clippings board, you'll be sent back to your crib. You have to get his car during the story.
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