Where is the costume store?

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User Info: Lord_Pwner

9 years ago#1

I was on the official saints row 2 site and they said there was a costume store, a goth store, and more... Where are they, I checked all the store in the game and havent found these.

User Info: lunareclipsegt

9 years ago#2
the mall

User Info: lordthorin13

9 years ago#3
It is in a underground mall is the highend retail section of the map. When you take the elevator down, hit start and use you map, I believe it is on the middle floor.
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User Info: Lord_Pwner

9 years ago#4

okay, I think they are called, lets pretent and noboy loves me.

Are both of these stores in the mall? And where is the mall? LOL< sorry.

User Info: Lord_Pwner

9 years ago#5
can some please tell me where this mall is...

User Info: Whyte Folkz

Whyte Folkz
9 years ago#6
There are a million other topics asking the same thing. Use the search feature at the bottom of the page, it's there for a reason.

User Info: SterlingFox

9 years ago#7

Right there.

That's South-East of the apartment you can buy near the center of the northern island.
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