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User Info: tragik00

8 years ago#1
do diversion and races count..can someone post a list? such as all neighborhoods and cars count as well?

User Info: Tweekster13

8 years ago#2
Everything counts. CD's, tags, jumps, diversions, races. That's why it's called 100%, not 99%
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User Info: tragik00

8 years ago#3
well i was just wondering because i got the crime lord which is for all activities but i havent done any races..so races dont count as activities so i wasnt exactly sure how they were rating things

User Info: CalistoCoon

8 years ago#4
Actually, I'm missing about 20 jumps and I have 100%, so stunt jumps don't count, I'm also missing one car.

User Info: mayatola

8 years ago#5
I have 100% and I'm missing a ton of stuff. I'm guessing that the only things that count are:

Missions and Strongholds for the main story
CDs + Tags

My brother and I didn't do many diversions, and since we never completed them all, I'm positive they don't count. Obviously jumps and barnstorming as well since we don't have them all. My brother is also missing several cars, homies (never did muggings for Jane), shops, you name it.

Basically we just played the main activities and story co-op, and then we decided to find all the tags and CDs for the achievements. As soon as we completed those, we got 100%.
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User Info: KrazeD_GooN

8 years ago#6
i have a willy

User Info: fat_boy_phil

8 years ago#7

from the saints row 2 website

Missions / Strongholds
Total: 42 Missions, 14 Strongholds

Prologue - 4 Missions, 1 Stronghold
Mission: Jailbreak
Mission: Appointed Defender
Mission: Down Payment
Mission: Three Kings
Stronghold: Stilwater Caverns

The Brotherhood - 11 Missions, 4 Strongholds
Mission: First Impressions
Mission: Reunion Tour
Mission: Waste Not Want Not
Mission: Red Asphalt
Mission: Bank Error in Your Favor
Mission: Thank You and Goodnight!
Mission: Retribution
Mission: Jail Bait
Mission: The Enemy of my Enemy
Mission: The Siege
Mission: Showdown
Stronghold: Sommerset Apartments
Stronghold: Wardill Airport Hangars
Stronghold: Imperial Square Pagodas
Stronghold: Poseidon Alley Docks

The Ronin - 11 Missions, 4 Strongholds
Mission: Saint's Seven
Mission: Laundry Day
Mission: Road Rage
Mission: Bleeding Out
Mission: Orange Threat Level
Mission: Kanto Connection
Mission: Visiting Hours
Mission: Room Service
Mission: Rest In Peace
Mission: Good D
Mission: One Man's Junk…
Stronghold: Humbolt Park Science Museum
Stronghold: Amberbrook Museum Pier
Stronghold: New Hennequet Rec Center
Stronghold: Suburbs Strip Club

Sons of Samedi - 11 Missions, 4 Strongholds
Mission: Got Dust, Will Travel
Mission: File in the Cake
Mission: Airborne Assault
Mission: Veteran Child
Mission: Burning Down the House
Mission: Bad Trip
Mission: Bonding Experience
Mission: Riot Control
Mission: Eternal Sunshine
Mission: Assault on Precinct 31
Mission: The Shopping Maul
Stronghold: Elysian Fields Trailer Park
Stronghold: Bavogian Plaza Drug Labs
Stronghold: Stilwater University Student Union
Stronghold: Sunnyvale Gardens Fishing Dock

Epilogue - 4 Missions, 1 Stronghold
Mission: Picking a Fight
Mission: Pyramid Scheme
Mission: Salting the Earth…Again
Mission: …And A Better Life
Stronghold: Rounds Square Shopping Center

Extras - 1 Mission
Mission: Revelation

Total: 33

Demolition Derby x1

Crowd Control x2
Drug Trafficking x2
Escort x2
Fight Club x2
Fuzz x 2
Heli Assault x2
Insurance Fraud x2
Mayhem x2
Septic Avenger x 2
Snatch x2
Trail Blazing x2

Chop Shop x5
- Suburbs
- Downtown
- Apartments
- Truckyard
- Factories

Hitman x5
- Barrio
- Hotels and Marina
- Prison
- Trailer Park
- Saints Row


Collected All CD's - 50 Total
Tagged Each Location - 50 Total

What you do not need to do (but should do them anyway…)

Racing Activities (27)
Barnstorming (35)
Stunt Jumps (80)
Secret Areas (32)
Diversions (tons)
Zombie Uprising (Go play it now if you haven't!)

User Info: SilverRocks01

8 years ago#8
I hate that Diversions count as 100% because ho diversion is sooo super hard

User Info: Prelude2Disastr

8 years ago#9
Gotta love Zombie Uprising
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