I made a 100% nude female with no censor at image designed! not sure how though

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  3. I made a 100% nude female with no censor at image designed! not sure how though

User Info: xbigwillystylex

8 years ago#1

Ok check this out

i looked all over the internet for this and no answer so im gonna ask you guys. all it was was youtube videos of the "streakers" in the game.

im talkin FULL ON nudity.... like it was awesome. no censors

i have beaten the story mode of saints row 2 and im at like 68%. So i was just messin around killing crap and what not until this dude joined my game

it kind of annoyed me because i dont cheat, but he had cheats enabled so it just made it so i cant save my game now.

I thought to myself whatever i cant save my game, might as well go to the plastic surgeon and make a hot chick or something because its not gonna save it.

so i went to the image as designed in the Quinbecca Suburbs expansion district

i got there and i changed male to female

i kept her white and i made her an average build

then i went into the faces and did random till i got a face i wanted

then i did random on the makeup

then i did random on the face again and i noticed something was looking a little wierd. the faces it was randomizing was kind of messed up. messed up hairline on the forehead and then messed up eyebrows.

so i kept going random until a somewhat normal face came out

then i went back to body where you can edit fatness, muscularity, age, etc etc

and heres when the magic happened...
or maybe it was more of a glitch

i was able to change her body dimesions so that her bra and panties would stay in place, and her skin and body could go around or on top of them

i adjusted those attributes just right so that she had no panties on, no bra on, but you could see a little bit of the pink bra in the under-outside of her boobs.

basically i moved her body and shaped it around her clothes and at the same time. BTW all the tattoos went away too.

she had detailed nipples that looked almost as if the game creators wanted you to see some nice boobs, i was surprised

where her panties once were it was a little darker and looked similar to a vagina no lips or nothin but still looked alright.

when i left image as designed i thought it was weird because the game also did not put my guys' clothes back on.

previously when ive been there, no matter what change you make, the same clothes get put back on when you leave that were on when you first got there. male or female change.

then i had some fun! i was runnin around naked killin people, lookin pretty hot.

if you would walk up to a wall at the right distance, you could move the camera so its gets real close to her front and get a good look at her detailed boobs and her vagina the ass was pretty cool to look at too.

so then i was gonna save it because it was awesome but i couldnt/didnt want to because the other dude playin with me had cheats enabled so it said that in red with a * on the save menu.

well me bein the dumbass that i am i didnt take a video or nothing and i just loaded my regular game back up cuz i thought i could create another naked chick

i am an idiot

i cannot figure out how to create the naked chick again and i tried doing it the exact same way i did before.

ok so my question... has anybody else experienced this awesome freakin glitch?

does anyone know what happened or have an idea?

i knew something wierd was going on because with a "Mature" rating on the game and not a "A-O" rating it kind of meant no nipples and uncovered vagina.

i tried to describe this in as much detail as possible to try to see if someone can let me know what happened.

Please someone reply and try to tell me what happend!

i gotta do it again dammit it was awesome!

User Info: VulcansEye

8 years ago#2
Because someone else will undoubtedly say this: pics or it didn't happen.
GT: VulcansEye

User Info: VincntvalentinE

8 years ago#3
i gotta do it again dammit it was awesome!

Funny, i heard a kid say something similar to what you just said, except he stole a car, not made a naked videogame girl

User Info: xbigwillystylex

8 years ago#4

dude i feel like the biggest retard ever omg i should have take pics or a video

dammit i feel stupid

seriously though theres gotta be someone out there that has an idea of what i describes

User Info: xbigwillystylex

8 years ago#5
does anybody think that this glitch happend possibly because of the specific cheats that the guy that joined my game had?

User Info: -neuromancer-

8 years ago#6
Did any of the cheats affect player size?

User Info: TheFitnessGuru

8 years ago#7
I've heard of people getting brief moments of character nudity, but I have also heard it is pretty useless since the characters are NOT anatomically correct. In other words you see no gonads and you see no nipples on the woman. I have heard this several times and I believe it because if someone was going to lie they wouldn't brag about a videogame version of a Barbie and Ken doll with all the right anatomy missing.

User Info: xX_Deadman_Xx

8 years ago#8
tl;dr version anyone ?

User Info: burning_monkey7

8 years ago#9

OMG! I made a naked lady. Damn I wish I could do that again. Oh, and I forgot to take pics.

User Info: thedevil1

8 years ago#10
I doubt they would put nipples and a vagina in there.
I am the party pooper! GT: dudacles17
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  3. I made a 100% nude female with no censor at image designed! not sure how though

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