Abandoned drive-in theatre?!

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User Info: SockWarrior

8 years ago#1
Where is that place?!

I drive around the entire arena district drinking and Alvin is no where to be found.

But i cant find the drive-in so any help? Thanks.
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User Info: Milso

8 years ago#2
It's much further west then you'd probably expect. Can't say for certain but I believe it's almost at the very North-west of the lower island, near the seafront, beside where the big mountain area is. It's easy to spot once you're in the right area because you'll see the large screen.

User Info: Antimy

8 years ago#3
Yeah it's actually directly north of the big mountain. When you drink there the guy will most likely spawn on top of the screen, which is connected to the big mountain.

User Info: nala2624

8 years ago#4
Don't worry, it took me about an hour before I finally looked it up.

User Info: mrbeef523

8 years ago#5
Anyone know where exactly the secret tunnel that exits out of the front of the drive-in screen is? I looked all around the area and couldn't find it.
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User Info: JRL373

8 years ago#6
Seriously, if you look at your map, there is a circle that might kinda, just maybe look like it would be a drive in theatre. Took about five minutes to find it. And maybe that might not be it but it's super close to that area.
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