Looking for people to play with (No Achievement Boosting)

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User Info: VividAxis

4 years ago#1
First off I'm not concerned with getting Achievements. I don't feel like doing those again.

I'd like to find a few people to simply play the game with. Doing missions, side-missions, races, finding collectables, or maybe some DLC is cool (I have all of the DLCs), but generally I only want to go around town and have fun randomly with whatever happens. I don't mind using cheats if you want to but I don't want to blow everything up in sight constantly for hours on end.

I have SR1 and would enjoy playing that again as well. I have SR3 but will not play that. In fact, if you think SR3 is better than SR2, don't bother sending me a friend request.

Mature players, 20 or older preferred. Headset required. Send me a friend request and a message saying it's about Saints Row if you're interested. My GT is Team ZRO. (Space between m and Z. The O at the end is a letter.)

User Info: FenrirXIII

4 years ago#2
Sign me up. I try to play for a few hours a couple times a week, sometimes I just put it in and search for co-op games for 30 mins then move on to something else. Last time I got some kid who genuinely wanted help with stuff but you know kids, they randomly boot and invite you to party chats, have no idea what immersion is...ect. And can't even be bothered to ruin your immersion properly <.<

Or the guy before that, a cheater who had invincibility on, so after he killed me a few times I turned on cat and mouse and he got out of the car, so I would have so creamed him because I drove around until the timer ran out and when it was his turn he got out and started shooting things, I pummeled him with rockets so all he could do was fly 10 ft, get up shake it off and fly 10 more ft for like 5 minutes. He wouldn't die from my rockets, but he couldn't do anything else either. ;)
GT: Ezmarii/CapitalStorm91
rent my dragons dogma pawns! :)
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