Are SR 1 and 2 worth getting?

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User Info: Gamerguymass

4 years ago#1
So I have a gift card for Best Buy and while trying to decide what games to get I was thinking of SR3 but its still 50 bucks for it with all the DLC while I could get a one and two double back for 20 bucks. I'm just wondering if its worth really playing one, two, and then someday getting three? Or should I just not bother with the others since they are all kind of the same thing aren't they? The GTA games change characters and locations, but I know the SR games are about a gang in a particular city. Any help would be great, Thanks.

User Info: chase710

4 years ago#2

grab that double pack, its well worth the $20. i paid $30, and i've never regretted it
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User Info: VividAxis

4 years ago#3
SR2 is a million times better than SR3.

SR3 is only one basic city broken up by some water in between. SR2 has a lot of different types of areas, much more to do, better comedy, helicopter/airplane/boat/car races, tons of side missions, some deep storylines, more vehicles and customization options, and the world feels alive. SR3 was rushed out by a streamlined company wanting money fast. SR2 was made by people who loved the game, and it shows.

SR1 is good to start with because the story begins there and continues throughout the series. It's not nearly as polished as SR2 but it's definitely worth playing.

In SR1 you have the same world as SR2 but in SR2 there are several new areas and a few years have passed. SR3 happens in a completely different place and it's much smaller. SR3 has a few good things going for it, but it's not half the game SR2 was.

User Info: Gamerguymass

4 years ago#4
Well I guess I should pick it up at some point. I already have half a dozen games I need to play that I bought and twice as many more then I need to finish up/do everything type stuff. THEN theres a crapload of games that I never ended up playing that I need to buy as well. I need to clone myself so I can play all these games or something.

Thanks for the info though guys. Sounds like its two more games to add to my list now. How would you say they relate to the GTAs? I know SR is more goofy and wacky then GTA, but like in terms of size of the world and length of the game how do they compare? I'm a real big fan of the massive world you can roam around in even if a bunch of the places don't have anything to do with any missions. Its always just fun to explore and sometimes cause trouble.

User Info: VividAxis

4 years ago#5
From: Gamerguymass | #004
How would you say they relate to the GTAs? I know SR is more goofy and wacky then GTA, but like in terms of size of the world and length of the game how do they compare?

SR2 has some "wacky" side missions. Some of the main missions are humorous, but there are also a few that will leave you feeling like you've literally been punched in the gut by reality.

The main difference between the GTA series and the SR's is that with SR you do about 3 intro missions then you have the entire world to sandbox in. Whereas you have to do mission after mission after mission in the GTAs to unlock new land areas. With SR2 you'll have 3 main storylines. You can go through any of them at any time. Start one, switch to another, go back when you're ready for more. Then there is a 4th arc after you finish all 3. At any time you can do what you want to do. And there's seriously plenty to do. The side mission rewards are things like weapon and customization upgrades and discounts. You can buy and customize cribs all over the world whenever you have enough money.

SR2 is like what we would've had if San Andreas 2 had been made AND if Rockstar had cared about how it's gamers wanted to play the game, instead of force-feeding us a barrage of waypoints and personal identity like they do.

You may want to check into Sleeping Dogs, Just Cause 2, and The Saboteur . I didn't like Sleeping Dogs, but I have to admit it's a good sandbox. JC2 is unbelievably huge. The Saboteur is one of those classics that somehow flew under the radar. It's a top notch sandbox.

I'm sure you've already played Oblivion, Skyrim, the Mass Effect series, Fallout 3/New Vegas, and Red Dead Redemption, but while I'm at it I'll throw in "Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon". It was infinitely silly but a very entertaining sandbox none the less.

User Info: chasingmaynard

4 years ago#6
Never knew that "The Saboteur" and "Destroy All Humans" were sandbox games. Gonna have to check those out. Love me some sandbox.

Was even looking at Risen 2 this past weekend, but I didn't get it.

User Info: InsaneGamer137

4 years ago#7
Yes, both are much better then Saints Row 3, which in my opinion is Saints Row in name only.
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User Info: SanAndreas_Gurl

4 years ago#8
Gamerguymass posted...
How would you say they relate to the GTAs?.

SR2 is pretty much GTA:SA on crack. i know that sounds like a bad thing, but it is actually a good thing. ill always love GTA:SA but i still love SR2. no game can really replace it for me. i never beat the first one. but i liked it enough to run out and get the second one, no questions asked. definitely get both!!
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User Info: starkillerYo

4 years ago#9
This game hasnt aged a bit, still the best cutscenes, missions activities and fun that the series has to offer, buy this dude

User Info: Gamerguymass

4 years ago#10
Well I did end up getting Saints Row, and I can say the game has pissed me off to high hell. I thought GTA could be really annoying at times, but wow. Just wow. The aiming in this game sucks, though thankfully after looking around here I read they put in a precision aim in SR2. Did they also fix a lot of the "lets make this mission hard just for the sake of being hard and pissing people off" type missions/activities? Challenge is one thing, but some of the stuff they just wanted people to throw their controller at the tv or snap the disc in half.

Hopefully the sequel has better music as well. It wasn't terrible, it was certainly better then GTAIV, at least the core game since the expansion finally had good music, but it wasn't GTAIII/VC/SA quality thats for sure.

Another quick question, can you make a chick in the second one? I downloaded a demo for SR3 thinking I would be able to see what the game was like, this was before I bought SR, but it was just a character creation thing. I want to recreate by purple haired Double D chick. And no I'm not 13. HAHA.
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