Thank God this game still has a board

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User Info: SanAndreas_Gurl

4 years ago#1
... granted, it's a little slim. but I've been over to the SRIV board and it's horrid. i like this game when comparing to SRTT and the upcoming SRIV. I understand that the new one isnt even out yet. but im very sure that'll be sitting that one out .
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User Info: drugula89

4 years ago#2
I'll be sitting that new one out as well. I remember when Saints Row was a more preferable alternative to GTA. If only it could've stayed that way.

User Info: VividAxis

4 years ago#3
It is nice to know other people feel the way I do. The series is going downhill fast and shows no signs of getting back to where it was. SR4 is a glorified DLC pack thrown on top of SR3. I don't even really feel like complaining anymore. It's not like it will help anything. If SR3 had been it's own game and not part of the SR franchise, it would've been more enjoyable, but still wouldn't have held a candle to SR2.

As an alternative, I would highly suggest both of you to check Sleeping Dogs. I made a topic recently that you may be interested in:

Sleeping Dogs is the type of game I was expecting Saints Row 3 to be

User Info: ThePWBPoster

4 years ago#4
Ah, the Saints Row 4 board is that bad. People are constantly complaining about it and liking it at the same time. People bickering back and forth isn't what I call fun. lol

I'll look into Sleeping Dogs.
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