russell on hitlist cant find please help

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  3. russell on hitlist cant find please help

User Info: chuckr8888

9 years ago#1
i need help finding russell on the hitlist whers the underground caverns

User Info: jwrebholz

9 years ago#2
Southeast section of the map. You did a couple missions against the Brotherhood here (one story mission, and a stronghold mission later on). It's close to the Rim Jobs on the southeast section, near the docks.
I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that you're a moron.

User Info: patrick5152003

9 years ago#3
the clothing store called spelunkers. go in it then go down the stairs.

User Info: fisdhbob

9 years ago#4
Look for Splunkers the clothing store.

The Underground Caverns are really cool. I had a great time exploring before and after I took out Russ.
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  3. russell on hitlist cant find please help

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