Saints Row 2 Camera modding or FPS mod??

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User Info: DarkPhoenix2009

8 years ago#1

I don't play 3rd person games. I need to find a way to mod the saints row 2 camera so it either stays in over the sholder view while running or is there already a first person mod? I cant seem to login to the official community forum to ask this. I am waiting word from the board admin to find out whats wrong with my account. Anyway, other 3rd person games I enjoy in 1st person are the witcher, gta 4, and Risen. (because either they have a cheat code for FPS mode or someone made an FPS mod)

There seems to be a lack of modding information on the net about this game. Can anyone help me out?

User Info: Peyj

8 years ago#2
"I don't play 3rd person games."

Your loss.
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User Info: AzumaNaroon

8 years ago#3
FPS is my fav. genre, but wow kid, might as well just skip this game if it's that big of a deal.
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