Been playing again on hardcore

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User Info: 4o2

5 years ago#1
Haven't switched the difficulty at all, don't plan on doing it. What a great game. Too bad SR3 doesn't look quite as great...

User Info: Diaphat

5 years ago#2
4o2 posted...
Too bad SR3 doesn't look quite as great...

Sadly, SR3's storyline was disappointing, even with the DLC, but it was fun for a bit. I'm having more fun playing this game anyways.
Back in the saddle again.

User Info: silly_sausage

5 years ago#3
I'm a coward, all my playthroughs of this game have been on the easiest difficulty setting. Well, I played Hardcore once, but I used cheats on that playthrough which kinda negated the difficulty.
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User Info: 4o2

5 years ago#4
It gets frustrating especially now that i'm in the later missions but it's all in good fun. I'll probably get SR3 at a discounted price, it sounds really disappointing compared to how great this game is though.

User Info: synthetik

5 years ago#5
SRTT was the most fun I've had playing a video game in years. The story is dumb, the characters are laughable - but it all fits together perfectly.

Skydiving into a penthouse party and killing everyone while Kayne's "Power" is playing is one of my favorite moments.

User Info: Hotel_Security

5 years ago#6
I’m starting the game for the first time and put it up to Hardcore…I usually start new games on the toughest difficulty. It’s really not that hard. The only really annoying parts are missions where your vehicle can explode easily…missions like Snatch and Drug Trafficking are a major pain on their Level 5 or 6 settings but I still pulled them off. Luck was a big part of the trafficking one. The Tow-truck missions are seemingly impossible but with the homie tip to get him to drive the towed car, it seems doable.
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