How many people still play this and should I?

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User Info: Cecil_Mcneil

9 years ago#1
Just curious, I've got away from WoW because I was tired of all the patches being for raiders. I've been playing City of Heroes because it's become a lot more then it use to be. I'm looking for a another MMO to latch on to for a while when I get bored of all my new toys in City of Heroes and I'm looking in to this one. I've played the following major MMOs listed from favorite to least favorite

Ultima Online
Eve Online
City of Heroes
World of Warcraft

Hopefully this can give someone experienced a insight to my tastes and perhaps give a good suggestion or too whether I should try this one. I am a final fantasy fan and always have been a square fanboy(owning most Square games released in the US...yes even that mediocre racing game they made.) I always felt that moving the FF franchise into MMO market wasn't a smart I have ignored it for a very long time....and it hasn't gone a away. I feel that in it's self justified me inquire about the games current status. If it's not dead and perhaps a MMO I could get into perhaps I'll give it a try.

User Info: chrisromans123

9 years ago#2
This game is a very good game you should try it out i does take some time to get into it but once you do it is very fun. And all of those games you listed cant even stand up to the story line of this game. But sometimes it does take about 20min to get a full party. but you should just try the game out to see if you like it or not

User Info: champloo1212

9 years ago#3
I used to play a while back and this game has its charm for a time. It chews up alot of time and when i say alot i mean it. The main story really isnt all it's cracked up to be it's just something I did for xp and passes and whatnot. Some classes are overlooked in the game like dragoon beastmaster and puppetmaster. All in all try a trial or sometin before u get hooked.

User Info: sushi0085

9 years ago#4
I havent played this game in years. it was addictive when the community was much larger, but now things changed to the point where new players will findi t difficult to get parties. this is group intensive and requires you to have one to level and get through the story line. fun game when it was new. i don't recommend this to people who haven't played it when it was a year old. the auction house prices are inflated and with the smaller community limited. i'd wait for other games to come out, or wait for the next final fantasy mmo to be released. : D I can't wait!!! It'll be atleast a couple more years until we see screens of that out :D.

User Info: YamiLover13

9 years ago#5
I was about to ask the same question. This recent response has me thinking otherwise about this game though. Both my boyfriend and I bought the 2007 collection for $20 and are about to start this thing soon. So whenever we get on we will be on together most of the time. We just want to go and have fun. Is this game ok for us then, or should we turn back or go so far as to buy this new expansion pack as well?

I am scared due to what I hear about not being able to play without a large party. *sigh* Looks like I will have to be a healer in this MMORPG as well........AGAIN!
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User Info: KOSMOSEngineer

9 years ago#6

I have had the strangest urge to try FFXI recently and I don't know why. I feel like I wouldn't like it, but...I dunno. The only MMO I've really played is Guild Wars, and I do like it, but a Final Fantasy-quality storyline is attractive.

The ridiculous amount of grinding I've heard about is a bit of a turn-off too....I just don't know...

User Info: _King_Trunks_

9 years ago#7
You could always attempt soloing with the Beastmaster job.
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User Info: fred91682

9 years ago#8

I've played EverQuest, EverQuest II, World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, City of Heroes, Ragnarok Online, RF Online,Tabula Rasa, and Final Fantasy XI just to name a few.

Lets face it, EverQuest is old and the graphics don't interest most people anymore. EverQuest II has little to no real method of involving the player in a storyline, plus even at release, EverQuest games have always overwhelmed the average gamer with the amount of content they would have to memorize. World of Warcraft has a long built-up storyline thanks to prior Warcraft games, as well as the most hype of any MMO right now. Guild Wars is free, but is a weak MMO imo. City of Heroes is extremely repetative, however does offer great options for individuality, which now that I mention it... so does EverQuest II. Ragnarok Online is fun but... do you really want to play a MMO and exp to obtain what?...cute 2D headgears? Trying to target and cast on another player who is surrounded by monsters is just impossible.... RF I didn't play too much, because it didn't hold my interest, so I can't say much more. I was a beta tester for Tabula Rasa, and the game had my interest until I got to the second town. Oddly enough the way you'd move from 1 town to another and do quests inbetween in the wilderness began to remind me a bit of how Guild Wars plays.

Ok onto Final Fantasy XI...

I've ownedFFXI for 7 years now, but actually played for about 6 years and counting (I had quit and then started completely over a year later). If youstart playing the game by yourself you'll probably be a bit more patient, and read more of the story and what non-player characters have to say, which is good. If you play withfriends and rush leveling up,you will probably get bored just trying to reach level 10. If you already know someone who has played the game for a while, who is willing to help you, then by all means play, because nothing beats a power level and the game candefinately be fun. Leveling to 10 without a power leveler goes quickest soloing, unless your a White Mage. Since the game has been out for quite a while now, leveling is a bit slower due to lower population in the lower level party areas. Some jobs aren't desired for certain activities, so since your character can switch between multiple jobs, it's always a good idea to level up more then 1 type of job. The game can often require that you wait for a party invite in order to progress with your level. With the exception of 1 or 2 jobs, not many jobs can easily solo for experience points. The many story cutscenes are definately a big part of the game's charm (it's a Final Fantasy game after all).Depending on the server you choose to play on, and the times you are able to play, you may find yourself playing with some players who speak another language, for which however there is an in-game translation function. There isn't too much option for individualaity in the character creation process sadly, which may be one of the games larger flaws. Unlike many other MMO, it takes a bit longer to kill your average monster. Another flaw in the game perhaps is also the method of item creation. In FFXI you cannot just find logs, etc. to harvest laying around in the wilderness like in EverQuest II. In FFXI most of the items you use in item creation have to either be obtained by killing monsters (which is usually the case), or by combining NPC sold items in towns. This is still an early attempt at an MMO by Square Enix, so travel, as well as a few other things,aren't going to be as convenient as in other MMO. If you don't spend about a month dedicated to checking on, training, feeding, etc. a baby Chocobo that you can raise and eventually call on for a ride, you have to rent a Chocobo from town, or from NPC that only exist on certain maps. The variety of "mounts" is extremely limited. All you can have so far is a Chocobo, and if you breed one, possibly a different color Chocobo. The game's PVP is mostly limited to sport-like contests that may require killing as part of being able to reach your objective (no killing the members of the team isn't the main objective, and they do respawn).

Ok there's much more, but I'm getting tired of typing.....

Key factors = Multiple Jobs on1 character, great storyline, cutscenes.

User Info: bungiefan

9 years ago#9
I've ownedFFXI for 7 years now, but actually played for about 6 years and counting

FFXI launched on May 16th, 2002. That makes it only almost 6 years old. That was also on JP PS2, with JP PC release in Novembr of that year. It didn't get a non-JP release until late-October of 2003, on NA PC. You couldn't have had it for 7 years and played for 6.
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