Pink Slip races

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User Info: lilsusanita

8 years ago#1

My brother just raced on Hollywood lookout and raced for pinks and lost his car then instead of saving up for a faster car out of frustration he raced one of his other cars and lost it also. Has anyone lost cars and had to win them back and if you keep losing do they keep your cars or do they only take so many and then you cant get the first one back? Any help would be helpful Thanks


User Info: PSaddict

8 years ago#2
b4 the pinks, set autosave "off" in game options
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User Info: Baraka32

8 years ago#3
I lost my first 3 cars to them then I came back later with a Ninja and took everything they had. They'll take any car you have then you have to beat your own car to get it back

User Info: Bullet989

8 years ago#4
it only keeps 3 cars that you lost, i think. any cars you lose after that are gone forever
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User Info: lilsusanita

8 years ago#5

Thanks for the info. I just passed it to him and by the way he has lost five of his cars now and there all there so hes going to use the auto save feature as stated and get them back.


User Info: Goldjit

8 years ago#6
Wait a sec, so turn off auto save before the pink slip match and your car is save (as in, you can retry the race?)

My friend won't shut up about how it saves before hand and how you have to win otherwise you lose your car or quitting/ turning your PS3 won't do anything as it saves beforehand.
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User Info: MrBlockHead

8 years ago#7
Thats why you turn auto save off before you start the race and your friend is a moron.

User Info: Goldjit

8 years ago#8
cool, thanks
PSN: Goldjit - My trophies, lets see you beat me!

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