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User Info: elvloco

7 years ago#1
hey guys

i've heard that this game is similar to most wanted in terms of storyline and chases...is this true? do you have to develop a rap sheet of some sort to challenge bosses? does it have a storyline?


User Info: ARC_NoOne

7 years ago#2

This one blows Most Wanted away.
You can travel around in free roam on this one, and race anyone you want, at any time.
You do need to work your way through certain missions to get the bosses to show up, but they work themselves into roaming around and racing people.

User Info: Kubmir

7 years ago#3
i'll agree with Arc on this one... having free-roam (Cruise) is a huge bonus, and the city is much more realistic and detailed than Most Wanted. Plus, the music is miles ahead of the MW music (though I use my own). There is also more customization, and the vinyl editor kicks butt.
And, adding on things like the race editor and "rate my ride" are just bonus cherries on top of the whipped cream on top of the ice cream on top of the cake... which you can have and eat.

User Info: mybadlife

7 years ago#4
The past few Need for Speed games have been nothing but disappointments. I wasn't a fan of the Midnight Club series, either. I got MC:LA just because of free roam, and I must say, I'm really impressed with it. The city looks like LA (I'm in L.A.). The story is a bit weak (but this is a racing game. Who cares about story?) The customization is up there, too. Unlike the customization in NFS. So yeah, I'd go with MC:LA hands down.
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User Info: elvloco

7 years ago#5
one thing that i really liked about most wanted is that you had to develop a rap sheet....does this game also have you do that?

User Info: seiryuux

7 years ago#6
No, anything police related is tacked on in this game.
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User Info: Kubmir

7 years ago#7
no, bluedragon, no it isn't just "tacked on".

Is it a main portion of the gameplay like in Most Wanted? no...
But the police presence and activity was definitely planned out.
You can see that when they respond to your driving through landmarks and buildings around the city

User Info: The Liberator

The Liberator
7 years ago#8
Most Wanted had fun cop chases and that's it...

This game's cops are nothing compared to Most Wanted, but they aren't the main focus. The game's main focus is racing and friend, it delivers on that. The races are a lot harder than Most Wanted's, that's for sure; in Most Wanted I was disappointed how easy they races were and how the cops didn't do much during the actual races. But Midnight Club's races are crazy. You really get the feeling you're bombing down city streets in a top of the line vehicle that was tuned in some shady Russian's garage.

The story is nothing to write home about, in fact I find it a down grade from Midnight Club 2's story. MC2 characters where cartoonish stereo typical depictions that had character and were rather memorable and fun. MC:LA opponents are still stereotypical but not really memorable, in fact they can be really grating on the nerves at times. I mean seriously, I get that your a female and your trying attacking my sense of masculinity, can we move on please? Only ONE chick pulled that card in MC2, and she did it with more subtly, in MCLA every girl seems to be an angry radical feminist that has an irrational hatred of men.

If you want to have epic cop chases, this game's not for you. The police pursuits are little more than nuisance, heck later in the game I let them catch me so I wouldn't have to deal with the pursuit,
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User Info: Kubmir

7 years ago#9
haha, if you dont want to deal with a pursuit, just turn off the cops in the "cheats" menu.
Its faster than getting caught and doesn't teleport you to the police station.

You unlock that cheat by getting 30 or 40 collectables.

User Info: OrlandoMagician

7 years ago#10
Midnight Club's racing is far better than Most Wanted, but there was a 3 year gap though. But mcla's cops did very little to impress me, it always seemed they knew exactly which way you were about to go. Though they never did thrown too much at you. Most Wanted's chases I think are still second to none. A few of the cop levels in MW were a simple breeze. Once you were really deep, the cops basically would come at you from all sides and keep you on your toes with spikes, roadblocks, suvs, and choppers. I wish midnight club has some arrest/escape bar, as you never know when you're just about to get caught, and you're given less than a second to act. But for now Imma midnight club fan.
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