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6 years ago#1
So, I was just doing internet searches, and was looking at the Midnight Club wiki page, and going down the list of games, and saw MC Global Pro..

Now, when you read the wiki page it mentions a possible sequel to LA, which we all know is an Arcade racer.. But if you look at this youtube account:


Also on the wiki page it says that an employee; Apollo "Josh" Shore created the incognito youtube account. At the beginning of every video for the account (that I watched) it says this in all of the video descriptions:

"Midnight Club 5: Global Pro™ is the fifth installment of the hit street racing series, Midnight Club™, by Rockstar Studios® and, with it, we finally bring realism and simulation to the street racing genre. No more of that arcade stuff. If you turn a hard corner with your foot on the gas, you're gonna spin out. Midnight Club™ is now the world's first street racing simulator with realistic graphics to match."

I actually like the Arcade, non-realistic racing games.. It would almost be like if Criterion Games made the next Burnout game, a sim.. Could you imagine that?..
I would just rather see Rockstar create a whole new racing series, as it looks like Rockstar might be doing what the NFS series has done throughout each of their new games.. The NFS series has had sim games, like Shift, to arcade ones like Most Wanted and the recently released Hot Pursuit..
I'm not ripping on the sim idea, but I kinda wish MC would stick with being an arcade racer.. As if the game is going to be realistic?.. Than that means that some of the awesome shortcuts where you jump from 2+ floors (12' feet) or higher, are going to be gone, as if you were to jump form that high, you pretty much won't have a car.. The same with driving up stars and what not..

So back to my original question.. What does everyone think about MC5 (possibly) going from Arcade to full Sim?

And I saw on his youtube page it says: "This project is currently under construction and is not near production status."
So it has yet to be approved or given the green light by Rockstar..

User Info: InfernoSD

6 years ago#2
I find the whole thing pretty questionable. It's very abnormal for a gaming company to put out advertising in this way unless they're small-time. Rockstar Games is especially known for following a set pattern; they say very little until a few months before release, then hype the game like mad until release. And if you've paid any attention to the news, it seems quite evident that the MC team was dismantled:

It certainly isn't impossible that R* is making another MC. If they are, it's also not impossible that they're discretely putting out these videos to gauge reactions. But nothing I see that's been posted by that YouTube account proves real assocation with R*. And this wouldn't be the first time I've seen people go to great lengths to make convincing lies about future games, so it's no surprise at all if that's what this is.

That said, the idea of a MC with cities around the world is very appealing to me, and the simple music that he says is the theme is a vast improvement over the past two games.

On to the question, I'd be quite happy to see a new MC game more in the direction of realism, but if they went too far, it would no longer be MC. You're right, those shortcuts are mandatory for the series, and illegal street racing wouldn't be as fun if you had to dramatically reduce speed on every turn. "Full sim" would not apply well to a city racer, I think.
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6 years ago#3
I should have put some ??'s in the title..

About the YT account?.. What was written about making MC a sim game caught my attention (that and the Veyron video), and I do have my doubts about the authenticity.. Though it would be nice to see another MC game.. I'm guessing it's there to try and get hype or to bring attention to maybe have another game made?..

I wouldn't mind more realism in MC as well, but not to where they would take away the play elements which made the series so great..

Btw, that was a good read, the Joystiq article on Rockstar SD.. I'm looking for more info to something that was mentioned in the article about how the company handled MCLA, or what appears to be poor communication and bad managing for the project..

User Info: InfernoSD

6 years ago#4
That inquiry made by joystiq was a follow-up from the "Rockstar Spouse" blog from a couple days earlier. I feel this article sums it up pretty well:

Seems no one has a satisfactory answer as to why the MC series was cancelled.
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User Info: The Liberator

The Liberator
6 years ago#5
How can anyone take this seriously? I mean for one, it's a random Youtube account with no known credentials attached to it aside from a wiki edit. Now considering the openness of wikis, as almost anybody can edit one, I don't take those as reliable source unless accompanied with a

Also,"realistic racing sim Midnight Club"? As in "the complete opposite of why we love this series"? Wasn't the whole point of the game barreling down crowded city streets and finding hidden crazy jumps? Now say what you want about Rockstar management, but I'm pretty sure even they wouldn't do something as stupid as eliminate the core appeal of the franchise.

Sure they may tweak the physics to be more realistic, but they're not gonna straight up say "yo, guess what! we're removing everything you love about this series!" They may be (alleged)corporate slave drivers, but they're not mean to us; after all, we give them money.

Also, Rockstar Studios? For one, the brand name is "Rockstar Games", a subsidiary of Take Two Interactive. I've never, since the release of the PS1 game Thrasher's Skate and Destroy ever seen them refer to themselves as Rockstar Studios. Especially since they're, you know, a collection of several studios. I take it if someone were to go through the trouble of adding the trademark and copyright symbols, they'd get the name of the brand right.

tl;dr: Yeah, I don't buy it at all. I'll wait for official announcement before I get my hopes up.

On a separate note, did that whole fiasco with the open letter from the concerned spouse ever get settled? I mean it was a major hit to their PR, but from what I can tell all Rockstar did in terms of damage control was post on their Newswire saying "We're handling it; don't worry so much, gossip makes things seem bigger than they actually are."
"The following statement is true, shut up."

User Info: InfernoSD

6 years ago#6
Well, the user removed all his videos. Wikipedia article is still the same.
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6 years ago#7
^^ I saw that.. As I was greeted with this message:

MidnightClub5Global has been terminated due to multiple or severe violations of our Community Guidelines

That and the MC wiki page has been edited..

User Info: TheUsed91BCR

6 years ago#8
I'd definitely prefer to keep it arcade style..
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User Info: ajbrand

6 years ago#9
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User Info: dk00111

6 years ago#10
After the whole ordeal with Rockstar cancelling the Midnight Club series, I'm wouldn't hold my breath. But if it is true, it's definitely an interesting concept.
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