Toyota Supra??

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User Info: residentevil774

9 years ago#1 ok so the aspect of no toyotas being in the game really bugged me. however there is some hope. in the website The Tuner achievement shows a supra on it. perhaps there is still hope. either this or DLC i guess :)

User Info: BloodGod65

9 years ago#2
Yeah, yeah everyone's seen it. It's weird, but until there's an actual screenshot or R* confirmation... Don't get too excited.
Ask a physicist about the concept of a handheld railgun. Rarely will you see someone laugh so hard.

User Info: residentevil774

9 years ago#3
guess ur right. but i would still find it pretty stupid to put a car on a achievement thats not in the game lol!

User Info: Kubmir

9 years ago#4
Considering it's a 2 tone outline and that this game has tons of customization, is it at all possible that isn't the Supra?

User Info: BloodGod65

9 years ago#5
Ehhh... I think that’s a stretch. I mean, it has the exact same body contour as the Supra along with the wing, vent in front of the rear wheels and square headlights. Although, it sort of resembles a 3000GT. Here are some good comparison side shots I found.

Supra -

3000GT –

Personally, I really don’t think it is a GT; there are just too many small things in the pic that suggest it’s a Supra. But until we actually get a screenshot of a Supra, it just remains an oddity.
Ask a physicist about the concept of a handheld railgun. Rarely will you see someone laugh so hard.

User Info: DJ_Gunner

9 years ago#6
I'm gonna go on record and say there's no Supra, regardless of what the pic looks like. You can thank me (or hate me) later for being right when the game comes out :)

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User Info: toliveira

9 years ago#7
Judging the rims aswell,
But however IT IS probably just a 3000GT.
Big Cookie

User Info: ApexMjolnir

9 years ago#8
There has been a Supra in every racing game that I can think of... why would this game not have one?

And when I say every racing game, I mean every racing game that has real cars...

I remember back to the days of Road & Track Presents: The Need For Speed... it was the first time I had ever seen a supra, and it was the best car I found to use for about 95% of the game.

I honestly can't remember one racing game that omits the supra.
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User Info: Illicitfatwah

9 years ago#9
Apex, I had that game back in the day!

User Info: RedOctobur

9 years ago#10
There's no Supra. I posted the car list; obviously there's no record of any Supra on that poster I got, and no Supra has been seen in any trailers or images on the official Rockstar website. However I do agree it looks uncannily like a Supra, but it would be safe to say its just a 3000GT.

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