A racer without local co-op?

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User Info: digiiiiiiiii

8 years ago#1
Don't say system link to me. >_> I'm not buying another damn copy.

So, what's with all these games not having local anymore? No split-screen or anything like that?

There was four games I was looking forward too, four games that have no reason what so ever to not have split screen/local.

Midnight Club: Los Angeles
Golden Axe: Beast Rider
Saints Row 2
Far Cry 2.

And one of those games even says it has local aside from System Link when it actually does't.

Sorry, none of you care but its just frustrating. My roommate is my best friend and I cant play any games with her.

Passing on all those games.
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User Info: Kubmir

8 years ago#2
its not that I (we) don't care... but there's nothing we can do about it.

And even though you say there's no reason for them not to include it, you have no idea. There are tons of technical reasons games like MCLA dont include splitscreen.

User Info: myniglet

8 years ago#3
do you know these reasons? Cause if you do please let us know. Cuz its 2008 and at the rate this is going we all might as well be playing with PC's. I mean its like having only 1 person per holosweet (startrek reference). Seriously most us have been playing console games for a long time and just when you think technology is supposed to get better, it only gets prettier. We are all being robbed. This next gen is crap. how is that most previous gen games at least has 2 player per console games, hell they make ALL console games with at least 2 controller ports. But no all these high profile $60 games and only one person can play per console. My wife and can only play sports games and some FPS together because these nerdy S.O.B's can't possibly phathom that you and someone in the same room can play the same game together. WE ARE BEING ROBBED!!! ALL OF US. I don't care how you slice it we are paying Over $300+ dollars per machine just for prettier graphics. NEXT GEN??????

User Info: Eclipsed_Fire

8 years ago#4
Priced a new graphics card lately? It's much more expensive to upkeep a good PC than it is to buy a new console. My guess would be that load times/render times were the main cause for no local co-op. The game already struggles to load textures at some points. Why make the problem twice as bad with the game having to work twice as hard?
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User Info: myniglet

8 years ago#5
See once again the point is missed. Why are we giving these programmers the benifit of the doubt? I don't care how much it takes for them to make a game split screen. My point is that on previous system it was possible but now its not available. its like having 2003 porshe that goes 200mph with stereo and all the trimmings (xbox) and then 3 years later you buy the same make and model but no radio no power seats no trunk space and it only goes 150mph but it looks newer and prettier (xbox360). They are cutting out our options so that we are buying dumb down pcs. At first i thought i was the only one who thought this but it seems to me that there is a growing number of consumers who feel the same way. If there is any one else who sees this chime in. CCC
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