Million Dollar Deal With Karol

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User Info: xooooooooooooo

8 years ago#1

Ok so i have beaten the city champ and then karol told me if i raise 1 million i can go into business with him. I have earnt the million and now in the mission log it says go and find karol at the chateu marmont or something like that. I go there and he isnt there. Why ? Any help? How do i find him ?

User Info: seiryuux

8 years ago#2
It's a common problem. Some missions take a while to load after the initial message pops up. Just do another mission or a few more races and that mission should be fully loaded by the time you are done.
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User Info: CrushDUB

8 years ago#3
Yeah...or just go back into the garage, exit the garage, pull up your missions log and if Karol's invitation is not in the log choose another mission, click Accept and when the game zooms back to your car Karol's message should come up again. This time click Back to pull up your missions log again, click Accept and you're in business. 8)

User Info: The_Jedi_Killer

8 years ago#4
neither of those are working for me and im a little pissed it was hard work to get that mil
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User Info: CrushDUB

8 years ago#5

It really is pretty easy to come up with $1M for Karol if you've unlocked/won the DUB cars. Sell them for cash. Yes, you will have to win 4 tournaments on Hard difficulty, but the rush of victory is worth it.

If Karol still hasn't contacted you, just run a quick first-to-3 race series. 8)

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