Slammed and mods?

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User Info: atomicgrape247

7 years ago#1
It's been a while since I've played this game because my save file corrupted and I lost everything. I remember having a new camaro with airbags that was slammed. I started playing the game again but I can't remember how to lower the car with the bags so that it's slammed to the ground. Anyone know how to do it?

I just got the complete edition so has something changed between the original and the CE that prevents the cars from being slammed?

Also, I've been noticing cars and bikes with over sized wheels, etc. How are those being done?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

User Info: ARC_NoOne

7 years ago#2

All of that is in "Customize Vehicle" in the Garage.

You can adjust the normal ride height, wheel/tire dimensions and wheel colors, etc... in "Interior/Exterior", under wheels.

The hydraulics and air bags are a separate category.

User Info: atomicgrape247

7 years ago#3
I know all that. I am trying to figure out how the airbags slammed the car. It had something to do with raising the ride height and having bags, I just don't remember what I had to do.

User Info: BloodBornVirus

7 years ago#4
for some reason the ride height depends on the rim size. bigger rims allow you to lower it more.

User Info: CWR64

7 years ago#5

I think I know what he's asking - for whatever reason the air bags work in reverse: with airbags on, go to external mods/wheels/dimensions and RAISE the car to +3". When the car is at rest it settles down so far that it sometimes intersects the ground, but when yer driving yer waving around at the top of yer suspension. You can adjust this by just raising it 2" in front and 1" in back or whatever, but it only looks right when you're stopped or in RMR. This also cants the wheels out at a slight sideways angle like RL whether you like it or not, but it does that with regular lowering if you've got wide wheels on.

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