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User Info: wo0ter

8 years ago#1
I'm new to Socom 3 but played Socom 2 a lot years ago online. I don't know if these events are connected, but they seem so close that I believe they might not be coincidence. I was in a map playing Breach, the enemy Breached into the building, but another one, already inside from another entrance, shot around the corner. One of my allies went down as a I fired and reloaded, I shot around the corner and gunned down the enemy soldier, and the match ended shortly after in victory.

I'm pretty sure he said something about getting team killed, it did not say I was kicked from the game, but on the screen in the middle, it suddenly said I was "disconnected". If I did kill him, it was accidental, from my recollection, I believed the enemy soldier killed him. Now, I can't even play the game, I press the start button, the player profile goes to load, it fast moves to software update on it's own, and then quickly shoots to initializing network, a minute later, network initialization failed. The time period between being disconnected and me trying to go join another match wasn't more than 10 seconds.

I can go right into Playstation store, and I can connect right into Killzone 2 matches to play there no problem. That tells me everything is hooked up right and working properly on my end. This has tended to lead me to believe somehow this guy was able to do something to my PS3 over the connection to keep me from playing Socom 3. I would hate to think that though, if it's true, it would have to be pretty quick cause it was only in the course of a few moments. Like I said I would hate to think that though. I just bought this game.

Anyone have any ideas?

User Info: superman60440

8 years ago#2
thatsabout the time (cen) time i tired to log back on the servers were down

User Info: You_Need_A_Life

8 years ago#3
If you're actually Voted out of a match, you'll get a message that says you were Kicked out. If you were simply disconnected, that's a network or connection failure.
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