Case 3: Stuck on Psychic Lady

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User Info: karlacouture

8 years ago#1
I cannot ask the lady the next 2 questions after getting the carpet fiber. I know someone else posted that problem here and someone answered and said ask Brass about Dale, but I don't have that option either. I have followed the walkthrough posted here step by step and till this point have had no problems, but I am really stuck! What have I done wrong or what do I need to do? I can't do anything else with the game till I get this worked out.. Someone help! Thanks!!

User Info: ellen928

8 years ago#2
case 3 stuck at the end how do i prove the trailer was at the dig site?

User Info: karlacouture

8 years ago#3
No one has answered me and I really cannot play the game at all untill I get some help. I cannot get the last 2 questions for the psychis lady after I get the carpet fiber. I have talked to everyone and they say they have nothing to tell me. SOMEONE PLEASE tell me what to do! Thanks!

User Info: Mz_GcAp

8 years ago#4
ellen, did u ever figure out how to link the trailer to adam kilborn?? please any advice would be awesomee i'm going crazzzyyy over here tryin to figure it out!

User Info: artistblue

8 years ago#5
for the pyschic lady need to use the microscope or ultraviolet light on the baseball bat and thengive the bat to greg at the lab
try this
I think this will work

User Info: artistblue

8 years ago#6
as for the trailer, there is blood on the wall under the cupboard
use the luminol on the wall
check the carpet
look at the open cupboard

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