How do you get the stud magnet??

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  3. How do you get the stud magnet??

User Info: LandoGriffith

9 years ago#1
Please help. Thanks

User Info: sandyandskip

9 years ago#2

Episode 2, Chap 1

You will chase the bounty hunter into an area where you have to blow up some generators to bring down a force field. As soon as you leave this area and enter the next "room" fly to the right. You wont be able to go very far. At the top of the screen will be 10 poles with lights on them positioned along the side of a building. The object is to shoot the lights fast enough to make all 10 light up at same time. As soon as you do, a red balloon will appear in the traffic pattern below you. Use a torpedo to shoot the balloon and the red "power" brick will appear. Go back to the bar and purchase brick number 7.
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User Info: calmdowndearie

9 years ago#3
Any tips on how to shoot out thosedamn lights as I'm tearing my hair out here!

User Info: obiwankenobi15

9 years ago#4
all you have to do is turn all the lights green not shoot them out and there are about ten or so.
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  3. How do you get the stud magnet??

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