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User Info: Howard22

9 years ago#1
Which is the best level to get this acheivement? I tried Darth Maul, and throwing a TD at the droids at the very top of the walkway section before heading to the energy room, but no luck. Anyone have a better level to get a bunch of characters together?

User Info: Wolverine109

9 years ago#2
Episode 4, escape from the Death Star. At one point in the level some doors open in front of you and you are confronted with about 15-20 stormtroopers... play the level, you'll know it when you see it.
GT: VVolverin3
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User Info: TheMuffin

9 years ago#3
What Wolverine said. I love that part. You open the doors and just go "Oh damn".
"maybe it's just their lifetime dream to be a door, and these games are the only way they can do it."

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