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User Info: a401

9 years ago#1

I just got the Bon Voyage package a few days ago. It has worked fine, but now every time I try to run Sims, a box comes up saying, "The Sims 2 is already running!". It is obviously not running. I don't want to uninstall and reinstall the game because that will delete all my files. Any suggestions?

User Info: a401

9 years ago#2
p.s. I downloaded the patch but the patch won't run. It also says, "make sure the Sims 2 is not running before you use the patch".

User Info: Jeni

9 years ago#3
First, check your task manager (ctrl-alt-del) and make sure The Sims 2 and the process Sims2EP6.exe aren't running. If you have FreeTime make sure the process Sims2EP7.exe isn't running. End the process if it is running. Those instructions are for Windows XP - I don't know how to do that on Vista.

Uninstalling and reinstalling, which only should be done as a last resort, won't get rid of your saved games if you make a back up first. If you made a back up before installing Bon Voyage (like the installer strongly suggests) then do the same thing again. If you didn't make a back up then if you care about your neighbourhoods you should make a back up very so often and always always make a back up before installing a new expansion pack. This guide explains how to make a back up:
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