Zero Hour Hard Difficulty Hatchery's.

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User Info: Elite_Admiral

7 years ago#1

I am attempting to get the destroy four hatchery's on hard difficulty achievement but I can only destroy two in the upper left corner before I just cant get any at all.

I build up an army of about maybe 30 Marines and 8-10 medics. Send them up and destroy the two hatchery's in the upper left corner of the map at about 10 minutes left on the clock. Then I retriet back to my base and build up another army so they can rebuild the hatchery's. Then I make another push at about 3 minutes but get completly destroyed before im even able to get the first hatchery down to 50%.

Anyone have a way to make this easier or something they have done that works all the time?


User Info: tercheng

7 years ago#2
[spoiler alert]

build more scvs at the beginning to secure a faster earning rate.
then u may pump more marine and medics.
although I have not replayed this mission on Hard myself i believe i can do it; LOL.

User Info: arsoisaen

7 years ago#3
this is easy got it the first time. more rines. i went with about 48 rines and 8 medics, started it around the 9 min mark.

went 4 rax reactor i think and 1 tech...that or just 7 tech lab rax...dont remember which mission

User Info: Priss_Lance

7 years ago#4
From my experience you'll need to start your assault with at least 40-50 Marines (60 if you can) and at least 10 medics before you make a push for the Hatcheries, as anything less and you won't have enough firepower to push through the rampaging Zerg.

I found that pushing for the western base first is the best way to get this achievement, since it has 3 clustered Hatcheries that are relatively close to your base, allowing you to reinforce your troops faster, then you can attack a Hatchery in the Northwest corner of the map. The name of the game in this map is reinforcements: You need to be constantly bringing in Marine reinforcements to replace your losses, otherwise you'll lose the offensive push. Having two Barracks with Reactors gave me the production leverage to complete the mission, with another barracks with a tech lab just to pump out medics.
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User Info: Hassohappa

7 years ago#5
If you push around 10 minutes and destroy the 2 easy to destroy hatcheries you can then back off, build up more, and push again at around 4 minutes and they should have rebuilt those 2. Don't remember who initially discovered that, but it wasn't me.
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User Info: SilentAcent

7 years ago#6
Here is my basic strategy.
Start the mission, build a few extra SCV's, sell the upper bunkers, and bunker the first set of marines at the bottom ramp, take the extra eight, send them to the west bunker and hide them behind it and wait.

Get two extra barracks, don't get any reactors yet, and get a sizeable force. I'd say about 20 marines and about six or eight medics. After that, go out and get the first marines to the east, and with them, just sweep from east the west getting all the extra marines. After that, use that force and just patrol the outer map between your base and the hatcheries, you have to make sure those creep spores are never successfully down, and never EVER let a spine crawler dig.

After that, its all about building a sizeable force with what you have. The whole time you'll want to pump SCV's (Till you hit the mineral cap, 2 1/2 per min) and i'd say pick up a reactor for 2 marines per 1 medic. I did it with about sixty marines and twenty medics, medics always in the back.

Ignore the North eastern hatchery. You can start with the Western hatchery, it goes down pretty easy and has three hatcheries back there. When you initiatelly pull, draw your line back, don't let the spinecrawlers tear you up unnessicarily when your killing lings/muta/hydra. After that, sweep the base, head north, finish off the last hatchery in the northwest base
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User Info: coldpower27

7 years ago#7
Working on this so far, this game is so hard!! I can beat it on Hard but not with killing off those hatcheries.
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User Info: M Dub

M Dub
7 years ago#8
Forget medics, pump marines out of 3 reactored barracks until 10 minutes. Grab the gas at the first optional objective spot at the beginning so you can start upgrades. You should have over 50 when you hit.
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7 years ago#9
No don't forget the medics, they are essential. The 2 hatcheries in the upper left hand corner are a joke to take when you amass an army of about 40 marines and 7-10 medics. After you take them both out, save the game right there. Then take what's left of your army....should be a descent amount, and hide in the west corner where there's a mine entrance. Just keep the group there for a few mins while you slowly walk a marine close enough to see if the zerg is making new hatcheries where you just killed them. Once them make 2 more, kill them again and you'll get the cheeve
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User Info: DSMobster

7 years ago#10
more satisfying doing it the legit way
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