SC2 Campaign Video Walkthrough On Hard & All Achievements

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User Info: razattack

7 years ago#1
Some of you that played Red Alert 3 or Red Alert 3: Uprising may know my video guides for all the missions and commander challenges. I'm doing the same thing with Starcraft 2, if you're stuck on a mission or would like to see an alternative way to solve it you're welcome to view these mission videos.

Unless specified all the missions are on Hard difficulty and will get you all the achievements, some of the missions showcase tricks that some might consider "cheap" but mostly they are straight forward and will help you on brutal too.

Just have the last few missions to upload, they are in HD and good quality with easy navigation between missions. I plan to finish everything within a week and move on to challenges and possibly MP.

I earn nothing from making these videos so I hope this isn't considered advertising. I hope these are of tremendous help to new players, especially ones unfamiliar with RTS games.

Here is the Starcraft 2: WOL campaign playlist

Mission breakdown & the order I completed them w/ upgrades, purchases and dialogue

Mission 1: Liberation Day

Mission 2 : The Outlaws

Mission 3: Zero Hour

Mission 4: The Evacuation

Mission 5: Smash & Grab

Mission 6: Outbreak

Mission 7: The Devil's Playground

Mission 8: The Great Train Robbery

Mission 9: Welcome To The Jungle

Mission 10: Safe Haven


Mission 10: Haven's Fal
[URL=""]Mission 10: Haven's Fall[/URL]

Mission 11: The Dig

Mission 12: Whispers Of Doom

Mission 13: A Sinister Turn

Mission 14: Echoes Of The Future

Mission 15: In Utter Darkness

Mission 16: Cutthroat

Mission 17: Breakout


Mission 17: Ghost Of A Chance

Mission 18: The Moebius Factor

Mission 19: Engine Of Destruction

Mission 20: Media Blit

Will add more shortly

User Info: Ultrachao

7 years ago#2
Excellent. I'll be using this as a reference if I get stuck. *IF*
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User Info: infringement153

7 years ago#3
good job

User Info: giled_tolgra

7 years ago#4
Great. Tag
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User Info: Missiletainn

7 years ago#5
Tag. Thanks a bunch.
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User Info: FullmetalV2

7 years ago#6
Cool, good work!

User Info: Fa1nTy

7 years ago#7
On media blitz, how did you kill off so many buildings?

You seemed to have wiped out the ENTIRE top left and middle base, which is just not possible... On hard mode theres a ton of banshees and vikings on the air base, and a ton of tanks and diamondbacks in the middle base. Even with careful micro and avoiding the Banshees (they rape odin), I was never able to kill that many...?

So why did you cut that part out o_o
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User Info: razattack

7 years ago#8
Hey guys sorry for not replying earlier, was busy making more vids. To the poster above, I accidentally deleted the segment where I destroyed the buildings, but I played that part again and posted a video. I destroyed one more factory and left one starport this time, as you rush the starport anyways it's easier to take out an additional factory. Here is the link:

The remaining missions are complete, here are there links :

Mission 21: Piercing The Shroud (secret mission)

Mission 22: Supernova

Mission 23: Maw Of The Void

Mission 24: The Gates Of Hell

Mission 25: Belly Of The Beas
Mission 25: Shattering The Sky

Mission 26: All In (vs Air Units)

User Info: zeroone01

7 years ago#9
i actually found your video's on youtube before you posted them on here, and i found them quite useful for a few missions on hard mode. on the last mission, all in w/ land units, i took out the air units for m25. only just started doing some of the missions on brutal, which is well...pretty brutal, to say the least. good work though.

User Info: razattack

7 years ago#10
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