Protoss is the most boring race

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User Info: -Kicksave-

6 years ago#1
Thematically, since SC1, Protoss has always been my "favorite" race, although as a rule of thumb I always play Random for the variety. In SC2, I am increasingly finding it to be the most boring in terms of strategic and unit variety.

Terran is obviously multilinear (even TvT is good). All of their units are viable in most matchups. A million great harassment options.

Zerg seems linear at first, but advanced play actually forces you into some exotic strategies. There isn't a unit that doesn't see regular use for me. Only complaint is that ZvZ doesn't have a very good metagame and stays in T2 units. And of course, Zerg is just different a playstyle and interface than the other two.

Protoss...quite linear IMO. Get 3-4 gates and Robo is definitely 90% of games you see. Other paths far more vulnerable and not sustainable once opponent figures out what's up. Stalker/Collosus tends to predominate other options. Motherships, Carriers, Archons...totally unused. Even Phoenix (yes I know the Nony uses and strats) don't have that many applications.

Just my opinion. I had more fun with Reaver Drops and Arbiter fleets than the (admitedly effective) attack-move Protoss Ball.


User Info: ShadyDude

6 years ago#2
i agree protoss is the boringest for me too

terran is fun sometimes

zerg is fun sometimes if ur ready to play hard but very easy to mess up that's what i do league as

User Info: EnragedSlith

6 years ago#3
Protoss is as boring as you make them. There's no reason why you can't try to come up with your own builds.

User Info: giled_tolgra

6 years ago#4
Wut? Stargate is extremely Viable against Zerg, you can defend against Mutas in a better Way, can net you Map control, you can harass.

Templar Tech is quite Good against Zerg too.
Of course the Protoss player will need to have some core units(Gateway) but against Zerg all 3 paths have some use.Colossi tech is more popular because it requires less micro, but its more counterable.

Against Terran(Because of the dominance of a cloaked Banhsee of you are not prepared) Robo is a must, I do think that the Banshee cloak will need to be nerfed at some point, because the pure threat of it forces a tech path.

As for PvP some people are now experimenting away from the Robo builds dominant in that MU. I'd say we leave the game some time to eveolve

My 2 Cents.
Play Whatever. No fanboyism. PW.President of the Biased club

User Info: -Kicksave-

6 years ago#5
I actually don't disagree with anything u said. But only ZvP really opens up some of these other options.

The Robo path is a must against Terran and Protoss.

As you mentioned, there's no detection along other paths, and Collosus is too crucial in most cases. PvP would benefit from a better way to snipe Collosi (which Terran and Zerg have). I've always felt like there needed to be some kind of weak detection along the templar path. Let Archon's automatically attack cloaked units or something.

User Info: giled_tolgra

6 years ago#6
Yeah, I agree with you regarding the PvT matchup. People complain about Marauders(which are fine IMHO) but its ridiculous that the pure threat of a Banshee forces you to go Robo.

I have been playing around with cannons to keep my base safe and go straight to another tech, but if he goes cloaked Banshees my army will be weakened anyways .
Play Whatever. No fanboyism. PW.President of the Biased club

User Info: IReverie

6 years ago#7
My only problem with Marauders is how fast they can snipe a building when stim'd. Recent patch helped but its still kinda redick.
Get it, or be killed by it.

User Info: shadyelf

6 years ago#8
I like Protoss because they are pretty glowy colors and laser beams.

User Info: Saleen

6 years ago#9
I like Protoss because I like the sound probes make when they harvest minerals ^^

User Info: DustStar

6 years ago#10
I agree protoss seems the most boring to play.. my friend actually changed races after a couple hundred 1v1s cause of that
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