I'm addicted to watching other people play this game...

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User Info: cjd92

6 years ago#1
I know, it sounds weird. Believe me when I say that it feels weird, as I've never quite had this relationship with a game. I have no interest in playing SC2 (nor the system for it) but I just love watching the higher tier players face off. I know the game in and out just from watching videos, and I've never laid hands on it.

Aaaand... I'll stop being weird now. v_v

User Info: FATEslayer

6 years ago#2
I watch a considerable amount of streams and commentary myself. It's really entertaining stuff. It's always surprising to hear some people get into it without even playing the game, though.

User Info: shadyelf

6 years ago#3
Well the first step is admitting you have a problem.

User Info: SkimGuy

6 years ago#4
Don't worry, a lot of people like watching instead of playing. I myself still watch Broodwar pros play Starcraft 1 xd

User Info: cjd92

6 years ago#5
^ I'm not sure I was even aware of PC gaming when the first Starcraft hit the scene. Hell, SC2 is the first time I've looked in this direction in years.

From: FATEslayer | Posted: 1/5/2011 10:22:07 PM | #002
It's really entertaining stuff.

Yeah, I'm already the type of person who can watch *good* video game matches like it were football, and SC2 has some of the most exciting play out there.
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User Info: bleedndsurrende

6 years ago#6
What makes this game exciting is the way any one player can come back. The potential clutch any player has is great. Also, for the most part, this game is pretty balanced imo. These factors make sc2 a very good watch.
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User Info: KamiKaZe_ChiNo

6 years ago#7
its like watching any sport. I don't play football except backyard games with friends but I love watching it even though I have no plans of trying to get good at it. So no I don't think its weird at all. Just like enjoying any other sport or whatnot.
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User Info: Korvin13

6 years ago#8
There are people who watch football more than they play it. Nothing wrong with that.

User Info: Hellish Fiend

Hellish Fiend
6 years ago#9
I was going to say what Korvin13, but he beat me to it. The fact that SC2 is actually compelling some people to watch it more than they play it, or even watch it and NOT play it, is a testament to how great it is, and that there is real potential for e-sports to take off in the future.
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