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User Info: thelightness

10 years ago#91
I'm not sure what you mean by that. This is how warp in works. First, you have your gateway make a unit. After the unit is produced, transform your gateway into a warpgate, and send your unit into it. Then you can use the warpgate to teleport that unit anywhere where you have a pylon field. You can only teleport 1 unit from a gateway at a time, and there's cooldown. Of course, this is all subject to change.

To Gar:
Terrans can build walls that can transform into gates. They're called supply depots. And of course SC =/= WC in space. -------------------------------- Zergling Rush kekekeke

User Info: TheBanshee

10 years ago#92
thank you for the clarification :)
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User Info: garwarrior

10 years ago#93

To: thelight..: Oh I see. We need check out with Supply Depots maybe transfer into gate later. I want to learn more deep info about all race buildings for StarCraft II. I agree with you. :)

To everyone: Let ask Blizzard teams to add new building for all races. Want know about Market building? Like Sell and Buy that what you want to do.

1. If you don't have Gas, you running out of gas. You can buy gas when pay minerals, when you sell your minerals into gas.

2. If you don't have Minerals, you running out of minerals. You can buy minerals when pay gas, when you sell your gas into minerals.

We will stilll thinking about Starcraft II more.

Sound good? You don't need worry about minerals or gas to running out. Note: Gas will still harvest for a long time. Never running out of gas. Please tell Blizzard teams to add Market building for all races. :) Good idea to add new building for all races?

(message deleted)

User Info: thelightness

10 years ago#95
Hmm.... I don't know how the conversion would work, but that could be abused, e.g. Someone mines only minerals, and then converts them into gas when needed. -------------------------------- Zergling Rush kekekeke

User Info: ADestoroyah

10 years ago#96
Wait a minute.. Warpgate can only warp in one unit at a time into pylon power and there's cooldown? That can't be right.. During the first demo, we see like.. 16 Zealots Warp In to fight the Zerglings.. There's no way they had 16 Warp Gates.. I thought the Warp Gate would basically be a version of a Nydus Canal, but for Toss.. It's useless if you can only warp in one unit at a damn time.. Especially since you can only Warp in units built from a Gateway.. (Zealot, Stalker, Immortal, Dark/High Templar)

User Info: thelightness

10 years ago#97
Those videos are always imbalanced. -------------------------------- Zergling Rush kekekeke

User Info: SwarmPower99

10 years ago#98
Yeah if you look closly you can see him select 20 warp gates and then warp in 20 zealots, each warpgate biulds one unit and then that unit is stored inside the warp gate and then once you use it the warp gate has a 60 second cool down.

I think it pointless, it would be much better if it could hold like 3 units and then have a 2 min cooldown, then you could make larger armys but only a couple of times, instead of pointlessly warping in 4 units to attack somewhere.
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User Info: ADestoroyah

10 years ago#99
That's seriously pointless.. It's not practical to have 20 warp gates.. Or even ten for that matter.. I've never had more than 8 myself, and all I built that game was dragoons and observers, and already had most of the map by the time I built 8.. Hopefully Blizzard will rethink things.

User Info: D E E G S

10 years ago#100
Ok, so based on reasonable inferring could laptop with an Intel C2D 2.0Ghz, 2GB of Ram, and an 8600M GT max this game out? I know System Requirements haven't been released but do you think it will possible just based on the screens?
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