Terran Counter to Void Rays

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User Info: IRoxxorUrSoxxor

7 years ago#11
Marines are good in the open, and vikings are good anytime the rays aren't pre-charged. Ideally you should have both, so that you can snipe them with vikings over cliffs while your marines prevent them from reaching the vikings.

Early on, though, a little group of marines and/or a few turrets scattered around will keep them away. This is assuming you didn't build your structures in idiotic places in order to maximize void rays' advantage, of course.

The turrets are mandatory.

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User Info: wlkthebest2

7 years ago#12
yeah good protoss players make a b line for the buildings and once they hit lvl 3 you are boned.

VR ruch is the cheapest thing going....that and reaper rushes.
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User Info: Blazeofspikes10

7 years ago#13
If the enemy protoss player is teching to void rays I recommend massing marines and attack asap if they're gate guarding and building canons like what most protoss players do these days build reapers and kill as many mineral gathers as possible and then have the marines destroy the base.

User Info: the P

the P
7 years ago#14
Rush him.
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User Info: lalala_la

7 years ago#15
Just mass up missile turrets around your important buildings. Turrets are cheap, and Void Rays are not.

User Info: Nohopeless

7 years ago#16
last night i played a 2v2 game which was 2 terrans vs 2 protoss

needless to say both protoss mass wall cannon and mass void rays

my partner went mass marines, medvac and tanks while i got mass ghosts, ravens and thors

those 80+ void rays didn't even stand a chance at all.. and funny how before when they thought they cornered us in our base they talked trash about owning us with void rays.

they even tried massing stalkers afterwards but again no chance against against emp and defense drones

it was so epic considering that is all they build and we kept destorying their army with little to no casualties.

and to think if they were smart enough to get some colossus, they could have easily wiped our army...

User Info: Angelcient

7 years ago#17
^ replay plox i wanna watch it :-D

User Info: gejsiv

7 years ago#18

void rays have range 7 to a marines range 5 (6 in a bunker). so a voidray can snipe marines from a cliff somewhere and there is little you can do about it. basically, you have 7 seconds to kill a voidray was it starts attacking something and if you can't, it gets it's charge and you've lost.

the best counter to void rays and nothing near an edge, mass marines, a sensor tower so you know where it is coming from, turrets to buy you time to get in position, and vikings OT dps while the marines tank. and of course, setting you up for all that leaves you wide open to a good ole fashioned zealot/sentry push.

the biggest problem is that charged voidrays that are microed keep their charge forever. so they melt marines/hydras/stalkers, their supposed counter, and destroy anything armored like corruptors or vikings.

the true strength of voidrays is that they force you to build easily countered units, just like mutas or banshees do. however, voids are more damaging to buildings than shees or mutas so they represent a greater threat than the other two. any significant nerf to the void rays like losing charge when they switch targets or making their bonus damage only affect massive instead of armored would likely ruin the unit's viability in any matchup.

as a terran player, my only solution to voidrays is either an early mm ghost push or a fast tech to tier three with vikings, marines, and banshees. expanding is a clear no no until i have a competent air force, so unless i kill them off early it's a constant uphill battle.
-gejsiv- :/
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User Info: IRoxxorUrSoxxor

7 years ago#19
If you don't catch void rays and you wind up late game without a counter army, you are ****ing GGed.

The goal then, is to catch them before it's too late:

Important things when you see that SG going up:

- Marine storm.

- Turrets near ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL buildings. Abandon your ramp. If you don't have critical mass marines you're dead anyways.

- Stimpack, stimpack, stimpack.

- Range up on turrets

- Medivac or two. Marines OWNNNNNNNN void rays provided they don't have time to build up their charge.

- Go smoke him before he swaps to gateways

- If you can get the ball rolling on Vikings faster than he can get the speed upg, then vikings can kite voids very easily.

I've got a replay i'll try and get uploaded. It's pretty sloppy, but then, most real human beings playing starcraft are :).
The core gamer is the bastard middle child of the casual and hardcore gamer. He invests the former's effort and cries when he doesn't get the latter's results.

User Info: Sadeiko

7 years ago#20
also. although not something you wanna word towards countering, terran have a few tools to force a move from their opponent or take devastating losses.

seeker missiles, nuke. nuke is gunna either hit or miss of course but again this is assuming you had other plans for the nuke but used it in a pinch.

and obviously if you have nuke. emp them too...just the threat of a few rines and a few emps might cause them to pull out...but even then you need to take a few out. because you are going to need to counter immidiatly.
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