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Installer says I don't have enough free space??

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  3. Installer says I don't have enough free space??

User Info: BrianD0713

7 years ago#1
Hello I just purchased StarCraft II and inserted the disk into the drive and once it started autorun I got this message:

'Sorry the installer was unable to start up'
'The disk doesn't have enough free space to install StarCraft II. Please free up space.'

I am running WinVista64bit.

My C:\ has no space on it because it was setup to only have the computer's OS and drivers on it but I do have two partitions that have well over 100gb free space on each but the autorun program doesn't seem to recognize this or give me the option. It just seems to be reading C: and giving up without moving on to other harddrives.

Is there anyway I could get this to work at all?

User Info: JC_Phoenix

7 years ago#2
Same problem... Hoping for a workaround. Usually there is, You know, stuff like Junction Points or "explore"-ing the disk to get by a certain check, but I can't get anything like that to work.
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User Info: killy666

7 years ago#3
The same issue is happening with the WoW installer. I guess this is a flaw in the Bliz installer itself. I remember there was a workaround for the WoW installer (i'm afraid it's been too long since i played WoW for me to remember), but checking around on the WoW forums might give you your answer perhaps?
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User Info: Son Gohan

Son Gohan
7 years ago#4
I had the same problem as well; had to delete all my restore points just to free up a few gigs of space :(
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User Info: TheChrome

7 years ago#5
I got same problem. Not enough space on C: or system disk.
But fortunately got very easy solution that worked(at least for me) - change your TEMP and/or TMP folder to drive where you got enough space(at least 22GB free space if you want to install it on same drive).
I got windows XP so:
1. Go to System Properties(right click on My Computer -> Properties)
2. tab Advanced
3. Environment Variables
4. In window User variables for (current user) edit TEMP and TMP(copy or write down Variable value)
5. in Variable value write full path to new temp folder(for ex. G:\tmp).
6. Ok, Ok. Now you should be able to run installer without that error.

After installation you can revert TEMP and TMP to thier old values that you've copied in 4.

Remember that you can do some damage to system if you something wrong in there..
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