frame rate is very choppy

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  3. frame rate is very choppy

User Info: theLHC

7 years ago#1
even with graphics set way down. does my laptop just suck?

User Info: ooEngineer

7 years ago#2
Welcome to my laptop kingdom. =(
Playing: Starcraft 2, Modern Warfare 2

User Info: imperial_agent

7 years ago#3

i'm using a quad core, 9100 GeForce and the frame rate is unbearably slow. may not just be your computer.

If I SHUT DOWN, not restart, the computer, then start it up again and play the game, it runs awesomely for about 3 minutes... then the frame rate drastically dips to an unplayable level.

Might be some software running along with the game... not sure.

User Info: pwderdonut

7 years ago#4
Yes, after about a half hour of playing on my laptop ill have 5 mins of horrible frame rate. All down hill from there

User Info: eating4fun

7 years ago#5
have you guys considered that your laptop may be on or changed to power saving mode and thus, greatly reducing performance?

User Info: theLHC

7 years ago#6
its actually my bros laptop. neither of us know anything about a power saving mode. how do i check that?

User Info: theLHC

7 years ago#7
googled it. good call. working much better now. there's a lag between all the actions, but its at least playable. now i won't feel so bad that he wasted his money.

User Info: biggestgamer87

7 years ago#8
high requirement to play the game

my pc can play it with no problem, but there are tendencies for the game to crash during loading screen, its smooth play for me on default graphic setting nonetheless

User Info: KyanFantasy

7 years ago#9
My laptop play it on high setting just fine. Its an older gaming model, XPS M1730, but like I said I can run it no probs at all on high.

User Info: JustMe64

7 years ago#10

^lol 9100 get yourself a 9800gt at least.

Anyway, post the specs of your laptop, but I'm guessing it has integrated graphics which is barely enough to run this game, and there is nothing you can do about it except get a new PC.

My specs are:

Intel i5 750

ATI Radeon 5870

Asus P7P55D MOBO




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  3. frame rate is very choppy

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